Quick Search:
Searches both owners and occupiers of land.
You can search for a surname (eg ‘Smith’) or forename and surname (eg ‘John Smith’).
A Quick Search for ‘Bert’ will return any entries with the whole word ‘Bert’ (but not ‘Bertram’ or ‘Albert’), whether as first/middle/last name, owner or occupier.
A search for ‘Bert William’ will return any entry which contains both words, in any order: eg ‘Bert William’, ‘Bert William Smith’, ‘William Bert’.
You can use a ‘wild card’ to help. An asterisk (*) will have the following effect:
• Bert* will find ‘Bert’ or ‘Bertram’ but not ‘Albert’
• *Bert will find ‘Bert’ or ‘Albert’ but not ‘Bertram’
• *Bert* will find ‘Bert’, ‘Albert’ and ‘Bertram’
Only those people recorded in the tithe apportionments are recorded in this database.