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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
GuiseleyGuiseley1William HardwickJohn Chaffer
John Smith
Samuel Parker & William Watkinson
Simon Hartley
Samuel Waite
Thomas Wormald & John Busfield
Houses & Stable 0024 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley522Widow WatkinsonHenry WormaldHouse & Garden 009 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley700John WilliamsonBenjamin Johnson
Thomas Hewitt
Samuel Wormald & Abram Lancaster
William Wood
Benjamin Dawson
David Oddy & John Hardisty
Houses 0028 Map
LeedsLeeds264aTrustees of Reverend W. H. Fountain
John Wormald Esquire
Thomas E. Upton & othersTenter Croft, Houses etc. 100 Map
LeedsLeeds278Trustees of Reverend W. H. Fountain
John Wormald Esquire
John Garland
William Garland
Land adjoining Carlton StreetGrass2034 Map
LeedsLeeds279Trustees of Reverend W. H. Fountain
John Wormald Esquire
John Garland
William Garland
Land adjoining Clay Pit LaneGrass2128 Map
LeedsLeeds279aTrustees of Reverend W. H. Fountain
John Wormald Esquire
William Garland
John John
Land adjoining Clay Pit LaneGardens0037 Map
LeedsLeeds285Trustees of Reverend W. H. Fountain
John Wormald Esquire
William WoodLand near Wade LaneGrass1124 Map
LeedsLeeds286Trustees of Reverend W. H. Fountain
John Wormald Esquire
Robert WilsonLand & WorkshopsGrass etc.020 Map
LeedsLeeds286aTrustees of Reverend W. H. Fountain
John Wormald Esquire
Mrs Ann Andrews
William Wilson
Houses, Yards, Garden & PremisesGarden etc.100 Map
PotternewtonLeeds320The Earl CowperJoseph WormaldHowhills CommonGrass408 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell300John Blayds EsquireWilliam WormaldAllotment on Rothwell HaighMeadow4110 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell288John ClarksonWilliam WormaldAllotment on HaighMeadow039 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell201Hugo Ingram
Charles Meynell Esquire
George Dobson
John Wormald & another
Butcher's Shop, Barn & Stable, House, Blacksmith's Shop & Garden 0035 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk417WormaldJoseph HallFountayne Cottage, Stable & Garden 0132 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk418WormaldJoseph HallNear GarthMeadow1013 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk419WormaldJoseph HallTop GarthMeadow301 Map
YeadonGuiseley860William Kenion
William Denison & fifteen others
John Wormald
TrusteesWesleyan Methodist Grave Yard 100 Map
BramhamBramham169Thomas WilsonRichard WormaldHouse, Blacksmiths Shop & Garden 0011 Map
DrighlingtonBirstall5Percy WormaldSarah TurnerHodgson Lane CloseMeadow3116 Map
BramleyLeeds694Executors of William FarrarMary Wormald & anotherCottage etc. 007 Map
MiddletonRothwell310John Austin
William Rookes Crompton Stansfield & John Spedding
Samuel Wormald
James Wood & John Townend
John Wood
Row of Colliers Cottages 0012 Map
MiddletonRothwell311John Austin
William Rookes Crompton Stansfield & John Spedding
J. & R. Foster
W. Allen
C. Wright
Widows Land & Ramsden
J. & W. Butterfield & T. Kelly
J. & J. Wood
M. Roberts
J. Smith
J. Tempest
G. Keighley
S. Wormald & J. Townend
Plots of Garden Ground 1338 Map
MiddletonRothwell218John Austin
William Rookes Crompton Stansfield & John Spedding
William Taylor & Moses Robins
William Wormald
Houses & Gardens 0127 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel556William Thomas Carruthers Esquire
John Wormald Esquire
James HarrisonSchool House & Garden 0019 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel567John Wormald EsquireWilliam AppleyardFar IntakeArable5312 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel582John Wormald EsquireJonathan ClarkBlackhill CloseArable11214 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel583John Wormald EsquireJonathan ClarkAllotmentArable3013 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel590John Wormald EsquireJonathan ClarkFour SidesArable1126 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel612John Wormald EsquireJonathan ClarkWood CloseArable335 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel615John Wormald EsquireJonathan ClarkLamb CloseArable3027 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel616John Wormald EsquireJonathan ClarkSharp GarthGrass0329 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel617John Wormald EsquireJonathan ClarkHomestead, Yard & Garden 1113 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel618John Wormald EsquireJonathan ClarkHalf AcreGrass023 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel619John Wormald EsquireJonathan ClarkStack Yard 0034 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel620John Wormald EsquireJonathan ClarkLaith GarthGrass7028 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel570John Wormald EsquireJoseph CloughMiddle IntakeArable335 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel571John Wormald EsquireJoseph CloughNorth IntakeArable4213 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel572John Wormald EsquireJoseph CloughNear IntakeGrass2126 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel579John Wormald EsquireJoseph CloughNear IntakeGrass3214 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel532John Wormald EsquireJohn FarrarFar Spen CloseGrass526 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel533John Wormald EsquireJohn FarrarNear Spen CloseGrass5222 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel534John Wormald EsquireJohn FarrarCoat CloseArable1132 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel535John Wormald EsquireJohn FarrarLong Hunger HillsArable305 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel536John Wormald EsquireJohn FarrarLittle Hunger HillsArable2134 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel537John Wormald EsquireJohn FarrarGreat Hunger HillsArable4037 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel538John Wormald EsquireJohn FarrarBarn CloseArable317 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel552John Wormald EsquireJohn FarrarSugar HillsMoor9034 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel573John Wormald EsquireJohn Wormald EsquireAddle New Dam 15322 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel574John Wormald EsquireJohn Wormald EsquireBlack Hill Planting 1225 Map
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