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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
RawdonGuiseley688Stansfield Rawson EsquireGeorge WoodheadSmith CloseArable2219 Map
RawdonGuiseley691Stansfield Rawson EsquireGeorge WoodheadFar Middle PastureMeadow212 Map
RawdonGuiseley696Stansfield Rawson EsquireGeorge WoodheadCalf CloseMeadow4231 Map
RawdonGuiseley697Stansfield Rawson EsquireGeorge WoodheadGeorgeyArable1118 Map
RawdonGuiseley684Stansfield Rawson EsquireGeorge WoodheadHouse & Fold 0034 Map
RawdonGuiseley670Stansfield Rawson EsquireGeorge WoodheadBad ClosePasture1134 Map
RawdonGuiseley671Stansfield Rawson EsquireGeorge WoodheadOccupation Road 0132 Map
RawdonGuiseley682Stansfield Rawson EsquireGeorge WoodheadBroad ClosePasture4239 Map
RawdonGuiseley683Stansfield Rawson EsquireGeorge WoodheadNear PasturePasture2134 Map
RawdonGuiseley683aStansfield Rawson EsquireGeorge WoodheadOccupation Road 0024 Map
RawdonGuiseley684aStansfield Rawson EsquireGeorge WoodheadThe HillPasture0124 Map
RawdonGuiseley687Stansfield Rawson EsquireGeorge WoodheadNear Middle PastureArable4036 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk188aHugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireJames WoodheadGardenArable0139 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk425Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireJoseph WoodheadLong Moor CloseMeadow5115 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk111Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam WoodheadCottage & Garden 008 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk199Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireJames WoodheadCottage 002 Map
Arthington Adel184William Francis Carruthers EsquireJoseph Woodhead & John Rhodes
John Wade
House, Barn, Stable, Yard & Cottages 0024 Map
Arthington Adel171William Francis Carruthers EsquireJoseph WoodheadAllotment Garden 0020 Map
BeestonLeeds39William Woodhead EsquireWilliam Woodhead EsquireGarthMeadow109 Map
BeestonLeeds42William Woodhead EsquireWilliam Woodhead EsquireFieldMeadow1010 Map
BeestonLeeds17William Woodhead EsquireWilliam Woodhead EsquireCockerham SpringWoodland803 Map
BeestonLeeds10William Woodhead EsquireEnoch FirthWoodsideArable7030 Map
BeestonLeeds18William Woodhead EsquireEnoch FirthSpring CloseArable4337 Map
BeestonLeeds23William Woodhead EsquireEnoch FirthRoundaboutMeadow4138 Map
BeestonLeeds28William Woodhead EsquireEnoch FirthDelf CloseMeadow2119 Map
BeestonLeeds24William Woodhead EsquireThomas RobinsonFar Long CloseArable412 Map
BeestonLeeds38William Woodhead EsquireThomas RobinsonHouse & Garden 0030 Map
BeestonLeeds27William Woodhead EsquireThomas Robinson Meadow2312 Map
BeestonLeeds25William Woodhead EsquireThomas RobinsonMiddle Long CloseArable2313 Map
BeestonLeeds26William Woodhead EsquireThomas RobinsonNear Long CloseArable226 Map