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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
HorsforthGuiseley1197John Micklethwaite EsquireWilliam Murray WilsonNear Doctor CloseMeadow109 Map
HorsforthGuiseley1198John Micklethwaite EsquireWilliam Murray WilsonFar Doctor CloseMeadow1313 Map
HorsforthGuiseley538J. S. Stanhope EsquireJonathan WilsonHouse, Homestead & Fold 0037 Map
HorsforthGuiseley533J. S. Stanhope EsquireJonathan WilsonFar PasturePasture3224 Map
HorsforthGuiseley534J. S. Stanhope EsquireJonathan WilsonMiddle PastureArable227 Map
HorsforthGuiseley535J. S. Stanhope EsquireJonathan WilsonGreat CloseMeadow3114 Map
HorsforthGuiseley536J. S. Stanhope EsquireJonathan WilsonPaddockArable333 Map
HorsforthGuiseley537J. S. Stanhope EsquireJonathan WilsonGarthPasture0222 Map
HorsforthGuiseley688J. S. Stanhope EsquireWilliam Murray WilsonGarden 0027 Map
HorsforthGuiseley689J. S. Stanhope EsquireWilliam Murray WilsonCroftMeadow0120 Map
HorsforthGuiseley690J. S. Stanhope EsquireWilliam Murray WilsonCroftMeadow0133 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk2John Wilson EsquireJohn VinceWind Mill FieldArable1114 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk6John Wilson EsquireJohn VinceFall CloseArable7010 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk9John Wilson EsquireJohn VinceBarley CloseArable4028 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk10John Wilson EsquireJohn VinceOrchard 014 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk71John Wilson EsquireJohn VinceDeer CloseArable5223 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk72John Wilson EsquireJohn VinceGardenArable0117 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk12John Wilson EsquireSarah RyderOrchard 0017 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk13John Wilson EsquireJohn VarleyBuildings & Orchard 0023 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk14John Wilson EsquireJohn VarleyBuildings & Orchard 0023 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk15John Wilson EsquireCharles Dobson
Sarah Ryder
Orchard & Buildings 0226 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk16John Wilson EsquireCharles Dobson
Sarah Ryder
Orchard & Buildings 0226 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk17John Wilson EsquireCharles Dobson
Sarah Ryder
Orchard & Buildings 0226 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk59John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonHomestead 038 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk60John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonOrchard 0039 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk61John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonBarn, Yard etc. 012 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk62John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonGarden 0133 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk63John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonRye Grass CloseArable716 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk64John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonDove Cote CloseGrass13039 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk65John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonLevens GarthGrass4211 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk66John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonCross Close & Gammer FieldArable19216 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk67John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonTop of PastureArable8319 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk68John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonHospital CloseArable634 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk70John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonHallishaw Lane CloseArable11323 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk18John Wilson EsquireCharles Dobson
Sarah Ryder
Orchard & Buildings 0226 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk43John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonInnings & Dawson CloseGrass8131 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk45John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonLittle High RoydsArable9336 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk46John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonGreat High RoydsGrass1122 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk47John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonCarrand Brown Moor CloseArable2121 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk48John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonWhinney PastureArable12216 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk49John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonEngine CloseArable7321 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk50John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonPease HillArable1004 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk51John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonRape CloseGrass6316 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk53John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonPond CloseGrass1228 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk58John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonEncroachmentGrass0030 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk73John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonCowstand CloseArable13121 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk74John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonFox Note CloseArable6237 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk75John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonPastureArable14012 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk95John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonPart of Whinney PastureGrass7232 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk101John Wilson EsquireMary PearsonPart of Brown Moor CloseGrass0014 Map
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