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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
CollinghamCollingham8William Brown EsquireThomas WigginsBuildings & Foldyard 0019 Map
CollinghamCollingham33William Brown EsquireThomas WigginsLow CloseGrass2025 Map
CollinghamCollingham34William Brown EsquireThomas WigginsHigh CloseArable212 Map
CollinghamCollingham35William Brown EsquireThomas WigginsFar CloseArable4025 Map
CollinghamCollingham38William Brown EsquireThomas WigginsSweep CloseArable5330 Map
CollinghamCollingham39William Brown EsquireThomas WigginsUpper Great FieldArable330 Map
CollinghamCollingham40William Brown EsquireThomas WigginsKnapton CloseArable5119 Map
CollinghamCollingham41William Brown EsquireThomas WigginsLittle Briery CloseArable2221 Map
CollinghamCollingham42William Brown EsquireThomas WigginsGreat Briery CloseArable420 Map
CollinghamCollingham43William Brown EsquireThomas WigginsNew RiftArable6132 Map
CollinghamCollingham44William Brown EsquireThomas WigginsLegsArable239 Map
CollinghamCollingham45William Brown EsquireThomas WigginsQuarry CloseArable5125 Map
WetherbySpofforth419Richard Fountayne WilsonWalter WigginsCockshutsGrass10226 Map
WetherbySpofforth521Richard Fountayne WilsonWalter WigginsMossGrass3025 Map
WetherbySpofforth645Richard Fountayne WilsonWalter WigginsMossGrass122 Map
WetherbySpofforth151Walter WigginsWalter WigginsHouse etc. 002 Map
WetherbySpofforth400Walter WigginsWalter WigginsAn Orchard 1121 Map
WetherbySpofforth401Walter WigginsWalter WigginsDeighton GatesGrass5335 Map
WetherbySpofforth172William GreenCrosland
Thackray & Wiggins
William Green
Cottages 006 Map
WetherbySpofforth41William HillCrabtree
Wardell & Turner
Cottages 0017 Map
WetherbySpofforth215Charles MidgleyCharles Midgley
Mason & Wiggins
Public House & Cottages 0026 Map
WetherbySpofforth355Quintin RhodesJames WigginsAshley Bottoms & AshdalesArable2238 Map
WetherbySpofforth152Walter WigginsBarnabas DalbyHouse & Shop 005 Map
WetherbySpofforth153John WigginsDaniel WigginsHouse & Buildings 002 Map
WetherbySpofforth348Assignees of James WigginsSamuel WigginsRail Balk FieldGrass8321 Map
WetherbySpofforth349Assignees of James WigginsSamuel WigginsRail Balk FieldGrass506 Map
WetherbySpofforth349aAssignees of James WigginsSamuel WigginsRail Balk FieldArable3339 Map
WetherbySpofforth350Assignees of James WigginsSamuel WigginsAshley BottomsGrass2321 Map
WetherbySpofforth351Assignees of James WigginsSamuel WigginsAshley BottomsGrass4020 Map
WetherbySpofforth352Assignees of James WigginsSamuel WigginsAshley BottomsGrass1028 Map
WetherbySpofforth353Assignees of James WigginsSamuel WigginsAshley BottomsGrass1318 Map
WetherbySpofforth354Assignees of James WigginsSamuel WigginsAshley BottomsArable214 Map
WetherbySpofforth276Thomas WigginsWhitfield
Braithwaite & Shaw
Cottages 0012 Map
WetherbySpofforth277Thomas WigginsJane WhincupA Cottage 002 Map
WetherbySpofforth278Thomas WigginsHenry DixonHouse & Shop 002 Map
WetherbySpofforth279Thomas WigginsThomas WigginsHouse, Shop & Buildings 014 Map
WetherbySpofforth280Thomas WigginsThomas WigginsHouse, Shop & Buildings 014 Map
WetherbySpofforth533William WigginsAnn CooperHall FieldGrass1239 Map
WetherbySpofforth347Assignees of James WigginsSamuel WigginsRail Balk FieldGrass1311 Map