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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
LedshamLedsham & Kippax23Jane WhelerThomas AppleyardCottage & Garden 0021 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax20Jane WhelerThomas AppleyardHouse, Homestead & GarthPasture1111 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax95Jane WhelerThomas AppleyardNorth Field CloseArable200 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax120Jane WhelerThomas AppleyardSelby Field InclosureArable106 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax159Jane WhelerThomas AppleyardWillowbeck FieldArable119 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax258Jane WhelerThomas AppleyardIn Newton IngMeadow0329 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax25Jane WhelerJohn AusterburyCottage & Orchard 0032 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax257Jane WhelerJohn AusterburyIn Newton IngMeadow1226 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax66Jane WhelerSamuel BarrattPart of Peckfield CloseArable1025 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax104Jane WhelerSamuel BarrattNorth FieldArable1029 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax123Jane WhelerSamuel BarrattSelby Field InclosureArable2238 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax140Jane WhelerReverend Thomas ChesterPlain LambakinsArable14232 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax145Jane WhelerReverend Thomas ChesterCow PasturePasture10019 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax148Jane WhelerReverend Thomas ChesterWillowbeck CloseArable906 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax174Jane WhelerReverend Thomas ChesterPart of Whinny Park InclosureArable500 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax178Jane WhelerReverend Thomas ChesterWhinny Park InclosureArable5120 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax179Jane WhelerReverend Thomas ChesterWhinny Park InclosureArable505 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax112Jane WhelerReverend Thomas ChesterSelby Field InclosureArable829 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax117Jane WhelerReverend Thomas ChesterSelby Field InclosureArable5338 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax118Jane WhelerReverend Thomas ChesterStreet CloseArable12214 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax124Jane WhelerReverend Thomas ChesterHell CommonArable4234 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax130Jane WhelerReverend Thomas ChesterTownend ClosePasture3317 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax113Jane WhelerWilliam DixonSelby Field InclosureArable2232 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax125Jane WhelerWilliam DixonOdd Rood CloseArable1118 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax126Jane WhelerWilliam DixonOdd Rood CloseArable4016 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax127Jane WhelerWilliam DixonOdd Rood CloseArable703 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax128Jane WhelerWilliam DixonOdd Rood CloseArable2220 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax173Jane WhelerWilliam DixonWhinny ParkArable500 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax177Jane WhelerWilliam DixonWhinny ParkArable1000 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax28Jane WhelerJohn DodgsonHouse, Homestead & Orchard 0031 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax75Jane WhelerJohn DodgsonPeckfield CloseArable4031 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax94Jane WhelerJohn DodgsonOutgang Lane CloseArable220 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax122Jane WhelerJohn DodgsonSelby Field InclosureArable030 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax175Jane WhelerJohn DodgsonWhinny Park InclosureArable1338 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax105Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyNorth Field CloseArable5329 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax99Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyUpper GarthsPasture16017 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax171Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyPark Stile ClosePasture0119 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax103Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyNorth FieldArable706 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax102Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyLamberts CloseArable600 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax11Jane WhelerJohn HolmesHouse, Homestead & Garden 0127 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax35Jane WhelerJohn HolmesOutgang CloseArable5332 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax68Jane WhelerJohn HolmesPart of Peckfield CloseArable1025 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax162Jane WhelerJohn HolmesClay Pitt CloseArable237 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax194Jane WhelerJohn HolmesButter StaddlesArable2117 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax24Jane WhelerGeorge HunterCottage, Garth & Garden 020 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax176Jane WhelerRichard HandleyNear Forest PlainArable1000 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax73Jane WhelerEdward LodgeNorth Glebe CloseArable6139 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax15Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittHouse, Homestead & GarthPasture3027 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax81Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittPeckfield CloseArable630 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax82Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittWoman RoodsArable8127 Map
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