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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
PudseyCalverley1070James WatkinsonJames WatkinsonBrown Close & LanePasture2229 Map
PudseyCalverley1065James WatkinsonJames WatkinsonCroftArable123 Map
PudseyCalverley1042James WatkinsonJames WatkinsonUpper WoodPasture1329 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley80John GillJ. Smith
S. Ive
T. Frankland
W. Marshall
L. Hardwicke
S. Murgatroyd & H. Watkinson
W. Scott
J. Naylor
W. Yeadon
J. Baldwin
S. Bateson & S. Parker
Houses, Shop & Gardens 0118 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley1William HardwickJohn Chaffer
John Smith
Samuel Parker & William Watkinson
Simon Hartley
Samuel Waite
Thomas Wormald & John Busfield
Houses & Stable 0024 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley484Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonLow Cast CloseMeadow2333 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley485Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonRush GarthPasture0220 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley486Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonHollin HillMeadow3217 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley487Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonEller GarthPasture012 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley488aCharles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonPlantation 0030 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley489Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonCalf GarthPasture0317 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley490Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonBowl StonesArable2223 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley491Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonHigh CloseArable3220 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley492Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonMarshall CloseArable3133 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley493Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonGreat IntakeArable510 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley494Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonFar IntakeArable4325 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley494aCharles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonNookingArable2124 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley783Charles Walker EsquireWidow WatkinsonGuiseley BecksArable1314 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley343Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonAllotmentArable3336 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley344Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonAllotmentPasture3211 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley344aCharles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonStable 002 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley345Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonAllotmentArable4010 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley428Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonAllotmentArable4015 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley429Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonAllotmentArable713 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley430Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonAllotmentArable319 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley479Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonHollin HillPasture2222 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley480Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonHollin HillPasture218 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley481Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonBailey CloseArable2330 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley483Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonUpper Cast CloseArable1316 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley494bCharles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonDoleArable128 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley495Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonPlantation 0312 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley496Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonSeggsArable616 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley497Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonSeggsPasture410 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley498Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonSeggsPasture2332 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley499Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonSeggsArable3117 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley500Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonHarper CloseArable1311 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley501Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonWalker ClosePasture3112 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley502Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonWalker ClosePasture419 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley503Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonWalker ClosePasture205 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley488Charles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonHouse, Garden & Outbuildings 0224 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley580aCharles Walker EsquireJohn WatkinsonWalker Lane 039 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley669John Watkinson SeniorJob Rawnsley
Nancy Smith
Houses & Garden 0035 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley524John Watkinson SeniorNathan HartleyHouse 0018 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley519John Watkinson JuniorJohn Watkinson JuniorBirks CloseMeadow1227 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley523John Watkinson JuniorJohn Watkinson JuniorHouse & Garden 0010 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley525William WatkinsonJohn Willoughby
William Winterburn
Houses & Gardens 0015 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley521William WatkinsonJohn Watkinson SeniorBirks CloseMeadow0327 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley522Widow WatkinsonHenry WormaldHouse & Garden 009 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley520John Watkinson SeniorJohn Watkinson SeniorBirks CloseMeadow2030 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley666John Watkinson SeniorJohn Watkinson SeniorNether MoorMeadow1210 Map
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