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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
OtleyOtley52Wickham WickhamJames WalshGill EndGrass0227 Map
OtleyOtley58Wickham WickhamJames WalshHunger HillsGrass132 Map
OtleyOtley66Jonas WhitakerJames WalshCottages 003 Map
OtleyOtley57Wickham WickhamJames WalshHigher Dam & Water Course 025 Map
OtleyOtley53Wickham WickhamJames WalshLower Dam, Mill Cottages & Quarry 112 Map
OtleyOtley47Wickham WickhamJames WalshLower Mill & Waste Ground 0139 Map
OtleyOtley48Wickham WickhamJames WalshHigher & Lower Dams & Cottage 0214 Map
OtleyOtley55Wickham WickhamJames WalshHigher & Lower Dams & Cottage 0214 Map
OtleyOtley68Jonas WhitakerJames WalshNorth Wood 1314 Map
OtleyOtley65Jonas WhitakerJames WalshLand on the East & West Ends of CottagesArable0310 Map
OtleyOtley63Jonas WhitakerJames WalshSouth Wood & Dam 622 Map
OtleyOtley64Jonas WhitakerJames WalshMill Dam etc. 1023 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley298George BaileyJames WalshHen CroftMeadow309 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley53Mary HartleyAbram Dennison
William Stockdale
Francis Waddington & Joseph Hargrave
Joseph Smith
James Frankland
James Walsh & Thomas Demain
Houses 0016 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley350Mary UnthankJames WalshAllotmentMeadow2025 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley72Mary WalshMary WalshHouse & Garden 006 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley85Mary WalshHannah Slater
Thomas Stephenson
Thomas Bolton & William Whiteley
Isaac Hardwick
Jonas Stead
George Booth
Mary Bolton
Martha Medcalf & James Vickers
Houses 008 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley87James WalshJames WalshHouse & Outbuildings 0019 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley88James WalshJames WalshCroftPasture0212 Map
GildersomeBatley69William WalshWilliam WalshCarrMeadow418 Map
GildersomeBatley66William WalshWilliam WalshWood ClosePasture2216 Map
GildersomeBatley65William WalshWilliam WalshWood ClosePasture2010 Map
GildersomeBatley186William WalshWilliam WalshLittle CloseMeadow0120 Map
GildersomeBatley68William WalshWilliam WalshBigg CloseMeadow3018 Map
GildersomeBatley450William WalshWilliam WalshCharley CloseMeadow3213 Map
GildersomeBatley261Samuel Taylor DawsonWilliam WalshTongueArable2330 Map
GildersomeBatley260Samuel Taylor DawsonWilliam WalshEdward Winny Hill PastureArable3130 Map
LeedsLeeds131bSarah Dunbar
John Walsh
John Walsh & othersHouses, Buildings & CroftGrass etc.020 Map
YeadonGuiseley462Richard BarwickWilliam Padgit
James Walsh
Far Lower Lair Garth 032 Map
YeadonGuiseley441Richard BarwickWilliam Padgit
James Walsh
Foster's Days Mowing 1120 Map
YeadonGuiseley440Richard BarwickWilliam Padgit
James Walsh
Calf Croft 1024 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1089William Beckett EsquireJohn WalshHouse & Smith's Shop 004 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1087William Beckett EsquireJohn WalshTop CloseArable0336 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1088William Beckett EsquireJohn WalshRoad, Quarry & Waste 1237 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1090William Beckett EsquireJohn WalshTop CloseGrass1134 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1094William Beckett EsquireJohn WalshLong CloseGrass207 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1084Christopher Beckett EsquireWalsh & DunbarPart of Quarry 0219 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1086Christopher Beckett EsquireWalsh & DunbarPart of Quarry in Craig Field 018 Map
FarnleyLeeds203The Earl of CardiganWilliam WalshPit CloseArable & Grass4012 Map
FarnleyLeeds206The Earl of CardiganWilliam WalshGarden & OrchardGrass0211 Map
FarnleyLeeds207The Earl of CardiganWilliam WalshHouse & Outbuildings 0039 Map
FarnleyLeeds208The Earl of CardiganWilliam WalshHouse & Garden 008 Map
FarnleyLeeds209The Earl of CardiganWilliam WalshHouse 002 Map
FarnleyLeeds210The Earl of CardiganWilliam WalshCroftGrass0124 Map
FarnleyLeeds199The Earl of CardiganWilliam WalshFieldGrass2116 Map
FarnleyLeeds200The Earl of CardiganWilliam WalshFieldGrass2110 Map
FarnleyLeeds201The Earl of CardiganWilliam WalshFieldGrass430 Map
FarnleyLeeds202The Earl of CardiganWilliam WalshFieldGrass2118 Map
FarnleyLeeds202aThe Earl of CardiganWilliam WalshFieldGrass2216 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham558John HolmesPatrick WalshHouse & GardenGarden008 Map