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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley780John Wood EsquireWilliam WalkerHouse, Homestead & Garden 0022 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley782John Wood EsquireWilliam WalkerNew Upper sideMeadow122 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley781John Wood EsquireWilliam WalkerFar Upper sideMeadow1325 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley778John Wood EsquireWilliam WalkerUpper Pasture, Little Close & QuarryMeadow311 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley795John Wood EsquireWilliam WalkerLow PastureMeadow1317 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley794John Wood EsquireWilliam WalkerPaddock & CroftPasture1126 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley793John Wood EsquireWilliam WalkerDelf CloseMeadow1327 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley792John Wood EsquireWilliam WalkerPart of CroftPasture0127 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley776John Wood EsquireWilliam WalkerNear Moor CloseMeadow1332 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley777John Wood EsquireWilliam WalkerFar Moor CloseMeadow2036 Map
HorsforthGuiseley1387John Micklethwaite EsquireJohn Fieldhouse
James Walker
Henry Mirfield & James Smith
James Preston
Six Houses 0014 Map
HorsforthGuiseley771J. S. Stanhope EsquireBenjamin WalkerOccupation Lane 0018 Map
HorsforthGuiseley772J. S. Stanhope EsquireBenjamin WalkerCroftMeadow103 Map
HorsforthGuiseley957J. S. Stanhope EsquireBenjamin WalkerHouse, Homestead & Fold 0025 Map
HorsforthGuiseley767J. S. Stanhope EsquireBenjamin WalkerIngMeadow2112 Map
HorsforthGuiseley768J. S. Stanhope EsquireBenjamin WalkerMiddle PasturePasture204 Map
HorsforthGuiseley769J. S. Stanhope EsquireBenjamin WalkerOld PasturePasture1333 Map
HorsforthGuiseley770J. S. Stanhope EsquireBenjamin WalkerBaxtersMeadow2019 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley547Charles Walker EsquireThomas GillAllotmentPasture213 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley548Charles Walker EsquireThomas GillTurner StilesPasture105 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley549Charles Walker EsquireThomas GillStockwellsPasture114 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley550Charles Walker EsquireThomas GillAllotmentPasture0036 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley551Charles Walker EsquireThomas GillBroad JugPasture2323 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley546aCharles Walker EsquireThomas GillLittle WoodPasture100 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley546bCharles Walker EsquireThomas GillLane 0034 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley552Charles Walker EsquireThomas GillLane 0020 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley593Charles Walker EsquireThomas GillField TopArable3113 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley594Charles Walker EsquireThomas GillFarm LandsArable1321 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley595Charles Walker EsquireThomas GillFarm LandsArable2012 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley645Charles Walker EsquireThomas GillAsh ToftsMeadow4132 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley542Charles Walker EsquireJoseph HabbitshawNether MoorArable3015 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley543Charles Walker EsquireJoseph HabbitshawNether MoorPasture1125 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley544Charles Walker EsquireJoseph HabbitshawPlantation 0124 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley545Charles Walker EsquireJoseph HabbitshawNether MoorArable1019 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley546Charles Walker EsquireJoseph HabbitshawNether Moor & Broadley IngPasture4317 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley628Charles Walker EsquireJoseph HabbitshawLittle West FieldPasture1130 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley629Charles Walker EsquireJoseph HabbitshawLane 0115 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley630Charles Walker EsquireJoseph HabbitshawGreat West FieldMeadow3010 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley179Charles Walker EsquireJohn Waite SeniorStack CloseMeadow3111 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley180Charles Walker EsquireJohn Waite SeniorFall ClosePasture121 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley100Charles Walker EsquireTimothy WaiteHouse, Garden & Outbuildings 0035 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley356Charles Walker EsquireTimothy WaiteAllotmentPasture2231 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley404Charles Walker EsquireTimothy WaiteAllotmentArable2317 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley623Charles Walker EsquireTimothy WaiteFieldMeadow305 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley624Charles Walker EsquireTimothy WaiteFieldArable2330 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley625Charles Walker EsquireTimothy WaiteFieldArable224 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley626Charles Walker EsquireTimothy WaiteTenter CroftPasture1116 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley627Charles Walker EsquireTimothy WaiteKiln Hole HeadPasture0311 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley132Charles Walker EsquireJohn RobsonHouse, Garden & Barn 0118 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley133Charles Walker EsquireJohn RobsonCroftPasture0121 Map
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