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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
PudseyCalverley1069Richard WainmanJohn ShiresClover ClosePasture221 Map
PudseyCalverley1079Richard WainmanJohn ShiresTenter Close & OrchardArable2321 Map
PudseyCalverley602William WainmanMusgreave Carr & CompanyIng & Low IngMeadow & Pasture2312 Map
PudseyCalverley1067Richard WainmanJohn ShiresNew Tenter CloseArable212 Map
PudseyCalverley1068Richard WainmanJohn ShiresOld Tenter ClosePasture2110 Map
PudseyCalverley603William WainmanMusgreave Carr & CompanyPaddock & Barley PastureArable & Meadow3326 Map
GildersomeBatley648William WainmanWilliam RobertsIngMeadow4128 Map
GildersomeBatley641William WainmanWilliam RobertsPastureMeadow3116 Map
GildersomeBatley649aWilliam WainmanWilliam RobertsUpper LangleyMeadow310 Map
GildersomeBatley682William WainmanWilliam RobertsLower LangleyArable234 Map
GildersomeBatley683William WainmanWilliam RobertsLittle LangleyMeadow1225 Map
GildersomeBatley683aWilliam WainmanWilliam RobertsBroom HillMeadow200 Map
GildersomeBatley690William WainmanWilliam RobertsWood CloseArable4127 Map
RawdonGuiseley429William WainmanGeorge WodallSlack Beck ClosePasture3228 Map
ArmleyLeeds258John Gott EsquireWilliam WainmanFar Fold CloseGrass2318 Map
ArmleyLeeds256William Wainman JuniorWilliam Wainman JuniorTwo Cottages 005 Map
ArmleyLeeds362William Wainman JuniorThomas HargravePublic House, Two Cottages, Stables & Yard 0027 Map
ArmleyLeeds363William Wainman JuniorThomas HargraveCroftGrass0015 Map
ArmleyLeeds361William Wainman JuniorThomas HargravePastureGrass1033 Map
ArmleyLeeds356William Wainman JuniorThomas HargraveFar MullroydGrass233 Map
ArmleyLeeds357William Wainman JuniorThomas HargraveNear MullroydGrass3016 Map
ArmleyLeeds460William Wainman JuniorJames OatesAllotmentGrass134 Map
ArmleyLeeds296William Wainman
of Buck House
William Wainman
of Buck House
House, Workshops, Garden & Yard 0117 Map
ArmleyLeeds208William Wainman
of Buck House
William Wainman
of Buck House
PastureArable208 Map
ArmleyLeeds207William Wainman
of Buck House
William InghamTop CloseGrass3124 Map
ArmleyLeeds209William Wainman
of Buck House
George DickinsonPastureGrass1118 Map
ArmleyLeeds483William Wainman
of Buck House
John SkirrowAllotmentGrass2222 Map
ArmleyLeeds525William Wainman
of Buck House
John SkirrowWell CloseGrass2218 Map
ArmleyLeeds555William Wainman
of Buck House
John SkirrowUpper CloseGrass5035 Map
ArmleyLeeds526William Wainman
of Buck House
Walter DickinsonOrchard CloseGrass1321 Map
ArmleyLeeds527William Wainman
of Buck House
Walter DickinsonPig HillGrass1015 Map
ArmleyLeeds535William Wainman
of Buck House
Walter DickinsonLeadhouse CloseGrass1224 Map
ArmleyLeeds536William Wainman
of Buck House
Walter DickinsonCornered CloseGrass0325 Map
ArmleyLeeds529William Wainman
of Buck House
Joseph Isherwood JuniorMill, Workshops, Cottages & Yard, Reservoir & Croft 122 Map
ArmleyLeeds530William Wainman
of Buck House
Joseph Isherwood JuniorPart of Lead House CloseGrass0225 Map
ArmleyLeeds531William Wainman
of Buck House
Joseph Isherwood JuniorFar HillArable & Grass319 Map
ArmleyLeeds528William Wainman
of Buck House
Joseph Isherwood JuniorReservoir 0031 Map
ArmleyLeeds369George Eddison & Thomas Hargrave
William Wainman
Joseph Walker
William Wiggy & another & Jacob Rossendale
Four Cottages 0011 Map
ArmleyLeeds298Executors of Benjamin WainmanBenjamin Wainman & othersSeven Houses, Yards & Croft 0130 Map
ArmleyLeeds462Executors of Benjamin WainmanBenjamin WainmanAllotmentGrass132 Map
ArmleyLeeds478Executors of Benjamin WainmanBenjamin WainmanAllotmentGrass208 Map
ArmleyLeeds431Executors of Benjamin WainmanJames Guy Junior & othersHouse & Three Cottages 0011 Map
ArmleyLeeds432Executors of Benjamin WainmanJames CromackHouse, Workshops & Garden 0019 Map
ArmleyLeeds433Executors of Benjamin WainmanJames CromackAllotmentGrass2121 Map
ArmleyLeeds141Executors of Benjamin WainmanJohn Broadbent & othersFour Cottages 008 Map
ArmleyLeeds299Benjamin WainmanBenjamin WainmanHouse, Workshops, Garden & Yard 010 Map
ArmleyLeeds255William Wainman JuniorWilliam Wainman JuniorHolly Well CloseGrass2233 Map
ArmleyLeeds257William Wainman JuniorWilliam Wainman JuniorHouse & Garden 0015 Map
ArmleyLeeds236William Wainman
of Buck House
George DickinsonMiddle CloseGrass2135 Map
ArmleyLeeds210William Wainman
of Buck House
Joseph Coates & anotherTwo Houses & Garden 0025 Map
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