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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
CollinghamCollingham214Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsRobert AtkinsCottage & Garden 0020 Map
CollinghamCollingham119Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoseph BrewertonPickhillGrass210 Map
CollinghamCollingham172Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoseph BrewertonAllotment upon CommonArable3130 Map
CollinghamCollingham247Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoseph BrewertonCottage 002 Map
CollinghamCollingham248Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoseph BrewertonGarthGrass1020 Map
CollinghamCollingham278Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoseph BrewertonHouse & Croft 014 Map
CollinghamCollingham279Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoseph BrewertonBuildings, Yard etc. 015 Map
CollinghamCollingham448Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoseph BrewertonDalton CloseArable3022 Map
CollinghamCollingham270Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsThomas BrogdenHouse & Garden 007 Map
CollinghamCollingham271Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsThomas BrogdenGreat Courtney CloseGrass2114 Map
CollinghamCollingham272Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsThomas BrogdenAllotment in Top of Hill FieldArable309 Map
CollinghamCollingham273Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsThomas BrogdenCourtney CloseArable0023 Map
CollinghamCollingham382Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsThomas BrogdenBrackenwitsArable6139 Map
CollinghamCollingham216Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsAbraham BookerCottage & Garden 005 Map
CollinghamCollingham121Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJohn CouplandWattle Syke CloseArable402 Map
CollinghamCollingham122Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJohn CouplandAllotment in Old FieldArable2110 Map
CollinghamCollingham123Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJohn CouplandWattle Syke CloseArable3330 Map
CollinghamCollingham291Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJohn CouplandHouse, Buildings etc. 0032 Map
CollinghamCollingham292Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJohn CouplandBab GarthGrass1330 Map
CollinghamCollingham364Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJohn CouplandMill HolmeGrass014 Map
CollinghamCollingham365Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJohn CouplandDamhead CloseGrass138 Map
CollinghamCollingham366Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJohn CouplandMill & Mill Dam 0235 Map
CollinghamCollingham440Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJohn CouplandAllotment upon CommonArable4112 Map
CollinghamCollingham383Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyCaum CloseGrass11219 Map
CollinghamCollingham384Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyCaum CloseGrass805 Map
CollinghamCollingham385Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyCaum CloseGrass10337 Map
CollinghamCollingham386Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyCaum CloseArable9326 Map
CollinghamCollingham174Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyLower How CroftArable1810 Map
CollinghamCollingham428Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyCalf GarthGrass1110 Map
CollinghamCollingham429Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyWaver HillGrass919 Map
CollinghamCollingham430Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyCow MoorArable9029 Map
CollinghamCollingham431Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyCote GarthGrass6023 Map
CollinghamCollingham432Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyCote GarthArable8315 Map
CollinghamCollingham433Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyCow MoorArable803 Map
CollinghamCollingham434Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyCow MoorArable16027 Map
CollinghamCollingham435Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyCow MoorGrass18136 Map
CollinghamCollingham436Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyWaver HillArable514 Map
CollinghamCollingham437Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyUpper Aivy FieldArable16030 Map
CollinghamCollingham438Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsJoesph DalbyParloursArable2030 Map
CollinghamCollingham321Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsMary MargerrisonStreet CloseArable626 Map
CollinghamCollingham322Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsMary MargerrisonLow Dale CloseArable7222 Map
CollinghamCollingham323Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsMary MargerrisonFar Ox CloseGrass9034 Map
CollinghamCollingham324Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsMary MargerrisonNine AcresArable7138 Map
CollinghamCollingham325Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsMary MargerrisonWoodWoodland5012 Map
CollinghamCollingham326Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsMary MargerrisonVineyardVines0338 Map
CollinghamCollingham327Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsMary MargerrisonWoodWoodland126 Map
CollinghamCollingham328Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsMary MargerrisonLime Kiln CloseArable10215 Map
CollinghamCollingham329Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsMary MargerrisonFive AcresArable508 Map
CollinghamCollingham330Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsMary MargerrisonHell HoleArable6015 Map
CollinghamCollingham331Trustees of Lady Elizabeth HastingsMary MargerrisonHay SykeGrass1316 Map
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