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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
LeedsLeeds418Reverend Henry TorreThomas BrumfitEight Acre & Little CloseArable9120 Map
LeedsLeeds417Reverend Henry TorreThomas BrumfitTen AcresGrass1136 Map
LeedsLeeds416Reverend Henry TorreThomas BrumfitTwelve ArcesGrass12032 Map
LeedsLeeds413Reverend Henry TorreRobert HepworthHouse, Homestead & Garden 0131 Map
LeedsLeeds412Reverend Henry TorreRobert HepworthFront CloseGrass207 Map
LeedsLeeds411Reverend Henry TorreRobert HepworthKiln FieldArable & Grass1315 Map
LeedsLeeds410Reverend Henry TorreRobert HepworthOld PastureArable & Grass2121 Map
LeedsLeeds414Reverend Henry TorreRobert HepworthLittle CloseGrass236 Map
LeedsLeeds415Reverend Henry TorreRobert HepworthGreat FieldGrass1420 Map
LeedsLeeds387Reverend Henry TorreRobert HepworthLong CloseGrass2237 Map
LeedsLeeds409Reverend Henry TorreGeorge ShawHouse Close & HomesteadGrass5212 Map
LeedsLeeds391Reverend Henry TorreVarville ScottNippet Lodge, Garden & Buildings 0219 Map
LeedsLeeds390Reverend Henry TorreVarville ScottField above HouseGrass3228 Map
LeedsLeeds389Reverend Henry TorreVarville ScottField above HouseGrass334 Map
LeedsLeeds392Reverend Henry TorreVarville ScottSide CloseGrass210 Map
LeedsLeeds393Reverend Henry TorreVarville ScottMiddle CloseGrass2020 Map
LeedsLeeds394Reverend Henry TorreVarville ScottLittle CloseGrass1137 Map
LeedsLeeds395Reverend Henry TorreJohn Lassey
William Wilcock
Nippet FieldGrass2030 Map
LeedsLeeds396Reverend Henry TorreJohn Lassey
William Wilcock
House & Garden 0119 Map
LeedsLeeds419Reverend Henry TorreThomas BrumfitHouse & Homestead 010 Map
LeedsLeeds421Reverend Henry TorreThomas BrumfitPastureGrass312 Map
LeedsLeeds420Reverend Henry TorreThomas BrumfitFar Little CloseGrass2114 Map
LeedsLeeds408Reverend Henry TorreGeorge ShawMiddle CloseGrass4136 Map
LeedsLeeds407Reverend Henry TorreGeorge ShawTop CloseGrass6321 Map
LeedsLeeds406Reverend Henry TorreJoseph ParkerFog FieldGrass5210 Map
LeedsLeeds405Reverend Henry TorreJoseph ParkerMeadow FieldGrass320 Map
LeedsLeeds404Reverend Henry TorreJoseph ParkerBlackburns Old PastureArable2036 Map
LeedsLeeds401Reverend Henry TorreJohn ThwaitesLandGrass600 Map
LeedsLeeds400Reverend Henry TorreJohn ThwaitesLandGrass2031 Map
LeedsLeeds403Reverend Henry TorreJohn ThwaitesLandArable & Grass2220 Map
LeedsLeeds402Reverend Henry TorreJohn ThwaitesLandGrass3010 Map
LeedsLeeds397Reverend Henry TorreRichard HolsteadWell FieldGrass4330 Map
LeedsLeeds398Reverend Henry TorreRichard HolsteadGarden in Well Field 0035 Map
LeedsLeeds399Reverend Henry TorreRichard HolsteadTop FieldGrass8020 Map