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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey355Trustees of Bardsey SchoolThe Earl of HarewoodFox CoverWood7220 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey184The Earl of HarewoodWilliam LawrenceGarthMeadow0332 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel50The Earl of HarewoodJoseph BaldwinCottage & Shop 003 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel203The Earl of HarewoodJoseph BaldwinGarden 0010 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel195The Earl of HarewoodJohn BoothHomestead, Yard & Garden 0020 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel198aThe Earl of HarewoodJohn BoothGarthGrass0018 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel239The Earl of HarewoodJohn BoothMoor CloseArable227 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel240The Earl of HarewoodJohn BoothMoor CloseGrass113 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel241The Earl of HarewoodJohn BoothMoor CloseGrass1016 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel118The Earl of HarewoodJohn DalbyHigh Lay FieldArable7227 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel119The Earl of HarewoodJohn DalbyMiddle Lay FieldArable1215 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel124The Earl of HarewoodJohn DalbySmall IngGrass3022 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel125The Earl of HarewoodJohn DalbyBottomsGrass407 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel126The Earl of HarewoodJohn DalbyLow Lay CloseArable11216 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel129The Earl of HarewoodJohn DalbyIngsGrass6331 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel130The Earl of HarewoodJohn DalbyIngs HeadArable8128 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel133The Earl of HarewoodJohn DalbyEccup LandsArable5020 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel139The Earl of HarewoodJohn DalbyBeck BanksArable6220 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel140The Earl of HarewoodJohn DalbyShowl BreadsGrass639 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel159The Earl of HarewoodJohn DalbyLand EndsGrass2238 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel172The Earl of HarewoodJohn DalbyHomestead, Buildings & Yard 034 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel226The Earl of HarewoodJohn DalbyPoor IntakeGrass7230 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel179The Earl of HarewoodMary DickinsonMary GarthGrass1136 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel193The Earl of HarewoodMary DickinsonFar CloseGrass2027 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel194The Earl of HarewoodMary DickinsonNear CloseGrass1212 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel196The Earl of HarewoodMary DickinsonHomestead, Yard & Garden 0032 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel198The Earl of HarewoodMary DickinsonGarthGrass0012 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel205The Earl of HarewoodMary DickinsonJut HillsArable021 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel18The Earl of HarewoodWilliam HansonGreat LangleyGrass8320 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel19The Earl of HarewoodWilliam HansonWell FieldGrass3228 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel76The Earl of HarewoodWilliam HansonLittle SloutersGrass228 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel77The Earl of HarewoodWilliam HansonGreat SloutersGrass231 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel134The Earl of HarewoodWilliam HansonFieldArable8235 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel231The Earl of HarewoodWilliam HansonIntakeArable4116 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel232The Earl of HarewoodWilliam HansonLow IntakeArable6019 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel233The Earl of HarewoodWilliam HansonTop IntakeArable3319 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel63The Earl of HarewoodHannah HainsworthCottage & Garden 0011 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel65The Earl of HarewoodHannah HainsworthCart Shed & Garden 0015 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel212The Earl of HarewoodHannah HainsworthJuthillArable3212 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel215The Earl of HarewoodHannah HainsworthJuthillArable2136 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel219The Earl of HarewoodHannah HainsworthMoor CloseArable1222 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel34The Earl of HarewoodWilliam HainsworthNear IntakeArable5137 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel35The Earl of HarewoodWilliam HainsworthFar IntakeArable630 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel40The Earl of HarewoodWilliam HainsworthStack YardGrass0011 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel213The Earl of HarewoodAnn HainsworthJuthillGrass1234 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel214The Earl of HarewoodAnn HainsworthLow JuthillGrass1131 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel67The Earl of HarewoodJohn HarrisonCroftGrass0124 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel157The Earl of HarewoodJohn HarrisonNear CloseArable108 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel158The Earl of HarewoodJohn HarrisonNear New CloseArable1211 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel170The Earl of HarewoodJohn HarrisonCroftGrass0117 Map
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