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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Adel cum EccupAdel584John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayAllotmentArable5018 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel585John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayIntakeArable14010 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel586John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayAllotmentArable038 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel587John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayAllotmentArable0124 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel605John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayPasture CloseGrass4036 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel606John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayWood CloseArable2211 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel607John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayOld IngGrass4024 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel608John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayLong CloseArable2234 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel609John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayBushy CloseArable10011 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel610John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayWood CloseArable4210 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel613John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayShare CloseArable319 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel614John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayShare CloseGrass3032 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel635John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayLay CloseArable806 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel588John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayWaste 0037 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel589John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayFour SidesArable10130 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel591John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayWill GarthGrass6127 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel592John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayGarthGrass2025 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel593John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayCottage & Yard 010 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel594John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayHomestead, Yard & Garden 0114 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel599John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayCow CloseArable5137 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel600John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayCow CloseArable3029 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel601John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayTom CloseArable4029 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel602John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayLittle CloseArable1231 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel603John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayHilly CloseArable2227 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel604John Wormald EsquireJohn ThackerayGreat IngArable309 Map