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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
GuiseleyGuiseley146aJoseph HartleySamuel SwiftHouse & Garden 002 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk3Reverend Arthur MartineauArthur SwiftVicar's AcreGrass0332 Map
AusthorpeWhitkirk1Reverend Arthur MartineauArthur SwiftHoney PotGrass1123 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell585John Blayds EsquireWilliam SwiftSpice RoydMeadow4139 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell592John Blayds EsquireWilliam SwiftWeightman CloseMeadow4132 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell595John Blayds EsquireWilliam SwiftHouse, Barn, Stables & Garden 0030 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell597John Blayds EsquireWilliam SwiftWell GarthArable1018 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell271Joseph Charlesworth
John Dodgson Charlesworth Esquire
Isaac Swift
late Joseph Banks
Hope Field 5236 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell270John Swift SeniorJoseph WatkinHope FieldArable5024 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell260Devisees of John Swift SeniorIsaac SwiftHope FieldArable1217 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell313Devisees of John Swift SeniorIsaac SwiftPart of Allotment on HaighArable0119 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell315William SwiftJoseph SwiftPart of Allotment on Rothwell HaighArable0118 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell732Roger Swift
William Swift
Messieurs CharlesworthWaggon Way 0012 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell733Roger Swift
William Swift
M. Hartley & othersThree Cottages & GarthPasture1015 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell273Isaac SwiftIsaac SwiftHope FieldArable437 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell314Thomas SwiftThomas SwiftPart of Allotment on Rothwell HaighArable0119 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell90John Swift SeniorHugh BarrattGardenArable014 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk201John Atkinson of AusthorpeWilliam SwiftCroftMeadow1229 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk246Joseph GrovesJohn SwiftCottage & Garden 006 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk156Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftGarthMeadow0320 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk41Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftIntake & DeansPasture7227 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk46Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftIntakeMeadow2228 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk279Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftFuftlingsMeadow0335 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk292Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftGarth End FieldMeadow & Arable3312 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk305Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftHell Dyke FieldArable6238 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk285Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftBrayshaw FieldArable107 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk286Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftNear Brayshaw FieldMeadow1111 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk190Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftDennison's GarthMeadow2027 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk200Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftCroftMeadow0034 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk332Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftShort KirkgateArable1222 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk176Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftFarm House, Outbuildings, Gardens & Garth 0214 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk177Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftGarthMeadow0238 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk181Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftHedge GarthMeadow103 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk338Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftNew FieldArable1331 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk581Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftEngine Lane FieldMeadow6119 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk582Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftTop Ox CloseArable4123 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk583Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam SwiftBottom Ox CloseArable4034 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk65Trustees of Leeds Free Grammar SchoolWilliam SwiftClapham GarthMeadow1130 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk64Trustees of Leeds Free Grammar SchoolWilliam SwiftMartinmas LandsPasture1322 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk63William SwiftWilliam SwiftGarth End FieldArable4023 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk280William SwiftWilliam SwiftCrosswell HeadArable2316 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk191William SwiftJohn PashleyCottage & Garden 004 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk192William SwiftJoseph TinkerCottage & Garden 003 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk193William SwiftJane ThorntonCottage & Garden 002 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk193aWilliam SwiftJane ThorntonGarden 002 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk194William SwiftCharles ButtonCottage 002 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk194aWilliam SwiftCharles ButtonGarden 002 Map
CarltonRothwell38John BowersRoger SwiftMarkham GarthGrass1039 Map
CarltonRothwell53Devisees of John HarrisonJohn Swift SeniorToft GarthGrass2023 Map
CarltonRothwell54Devisees of John HarrisonJohn Swift SeniorHouse & Premises 0028 Map
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