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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
LeedsLeeds95Joshua Burton EsquireJohn StocksHouse, Garden, Pleasure Grounds etc. 307 Map
LeedsLeeds94Joshua Burton EsquireJohn StocksLandGrass3232 Map
CarltonRothwell87Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthTofts GarthArable3029 Map
CarltonRothwell88Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthTofts GarthArable3327 Map
CarltonRothwell101Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthPart Allotment in Toft Ings in West FieldArable0334 Map
CarltonRothwell124Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthAllotment in West FieldArable5038 Map
CarltonRothwell138Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthAllotment in West FieldArable3233 Map
CarltonRothwell173Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthAllotment in North FieldArable5215 Map
CarltonRothwell191Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthAllotment in North FieldArable5330 Map
CarltonRothwell279Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthAllotment in Pit FieldArable100 Map
CarltonRothwell288Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn Scholey & othersTwo Cottages etc. 006 Map
CarltonRothwell305Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthAllotment in Shay FieldArable1125 Map
CarltonRothwell18Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthGarden 0014 Map
CarltonRothwell82Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthHouse & Homestead 0113 Map
CarltonRothwell83Samuel Stocks EsquireJames Thackray & anotherTwo Cottages etc. 0018 Map
CarltonRothwell84Samuel Stocks EsquireJoseph LeakeCottage & Garden 0027 Map
CarltonRothwell86Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthTofts GarthGrass1037 Map
CarltonRothwell315Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthShay Field CloseArable2114 Map
CarltonRothwell316Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthShay Field CloseGrass1313 Map
CarltonRothwell325Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthHanging RoydGrass1031 Map
CarltonRothwell102Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthPart Allotment in Toft Ings in West FieldArable0021 Map
CarltonRothwell439Samuel Stocks EsquireJohn NorthAllotment on Lee MoorArable407 Map