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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
PudseyCalverley696Joseph SpencerJoseph SpencerBroad LanePasture0317 Map
PudseyCalverley710Joseph SpencerJoseph SpencerCorn ClosePasture1339 Map
PudseyCalverley710aJoseph SpencerJoseph SpencerStraight LanePasture0119 Map
PudseyCalverley734Joseph SpencerJoseph SpencerLong CloseMeadow1333 Map
PudseyCalverley694Joseph SpencerJoseph SpencerGarden ClosePasture111 Map
PudseyCalverley695Joseph SpencerJoseph SpencerBrick CloseMeadow1135 Map
PudseyCalverley668Joshua Sharpe
late William Haste
William SpencerCroft 123 Map
PudseyCalverley667Joshua Sharpe
late William Haste
William SpencerDodgson Croft 2015 Map
HorsforthGuiseley710James Gaunt (Clothier)Henry Oates
Thomas Thackray
John Whittaker
William Harrison
Benjamin Shackleton & Jonathan Maude
Joseph Whittaker
William Clayton
Benjamin Walker
James Spencer
Matthew Whitaker & James Clayton
Houses & Shop 015 Map
HorsforthGuiseley784John WomersleyJohn Thornton
Joseph Keighley
Jeremiah Spence
Thomas Nicholson & Joseph Whittam
Samuel Claughton
John Dennison
Jonathan Pollard
Joseph Whitaker
Henry Spencer & Joseph Whitfield
Eleven Houses & Mistall 0032 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet30Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerPease GarthArable7315 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet31Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerHouse, Garth, Orchard & CoppyArable1113 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet45Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerHuic Moor CloseArable238 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet46Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerHuic Moor CloseArable314 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet47Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerHuic Moor CloseArable2220 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet50Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerBragdale ClosePasture1334 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet51Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerBragdale CloseArable200 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet62Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerBragdale CloseArable3330 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet63Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerBragdale CloseArable2326 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet64Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerIntakeArable5113 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet65Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerLittle CloseArable0115 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet84Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerUpper IntakeMeadow739 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet114Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerCroftGrass1129 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet61Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerBragdale CloseArable5136 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet81Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerEight Acres CloseArable8327 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet82Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerUpper IntakeArable4321 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet83Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireThomas SpencerUpper IntakeArable5334 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet116Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireWidow SpencerHouse & Garden 027 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet117Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireWidow SpencerPinfold 003 Map
MicklefieldSherburn in Elmet119Thomas Bland Davison Bland EsquireWidow SpencerGarthGrass0325 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey12George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam SpencerParsons FlattPasture5227 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey155George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam SpencerCottage & Garden 0014 Map
PotternewtonLeeds288William PrinceHonourable Charles SpencerHouse, Stables & Garden 0118 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk172Thomas M. GraveleyGeorge SpencerHouse & Garden 0025 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds885Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam SpencerGreat IntakeArable & Grass6327 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds888Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam SpencerPlantation CloseGrass3132 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds891Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam SpencerLong CloseGrass410 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds892Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam SpencerSand Pit & Mill 0035 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds898Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam SpencerFar CloseGrass338 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds899Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam SpencerMiddle CloseArable400 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds900Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam SpencerPlantation in Middle Close 0029 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds901Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam SpencerNear CloseArable4016 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds906Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam SpencerHill CloseGrass4015 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds890Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam SpencerHouse & Buildings 0020 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds884Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam SpencerPennyfynnon CloseArable & Grass6316 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds841William LoydWilliam Johnson
Joseph Spencer
Cottages & Garden 0014 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds150Mary Spencer
Charlotte Stansall
 House, Garden & Outbuildings 0119 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds755Edward TaylorWilliam Appleyard
Jeremiah Wood
David Dean
John Walker
William Bolton & Joseph Crompton
William Bradford
John Usher
Mary Spencer & William Collins
House, Cottages, Garden, Sheds & Yard 0229 Map