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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
PudseyCalverley1069Richard WainmanJohn ShiresClover ClosePasture221 Map
PudseyCalverley1079Richard WainmanJohn ShiresTenter Close & OrchardArable2321 Map
PudseyCalverley1067Richard WainmanJohn ShiresNew Tenter CloseArable212 Map
PudseyCalverley1068Richard WainmanJohn ShiresOld Tenter ClosePasture2110 Map
LeedsLeeds189Trustees of St John's ChurchFrancis ShiresLandGrass230 Map
LeedsLeeds188Trustees of St John's ChurchFrancis ShiresLandGrass2322 Map
LeedsLeeds187Trustees of St John's ChurchFrancis ShiresLandGrass3217 Map
LeedsLeeds191Trustees of St John's ChurchFrancis ShiresLandGrass2222 Map
LeedsLeeds195Trustees of St John's ChurchFrancis ShiresLandGrass4020 Map
LeedsLeeds194Trustees of St John's ChurchFrancis ShiresLandGrass320 Map
LeedsLeeds206Trustees of St John's ChurchFrancis ShiresButcher CloseGrass3022 Map
LeedsLeeds205Trustees of St John's ChurchFrancis ShiresButcher CloseGrass3010 Map
LeedsLeeds192Trustees of St John's ChurchJohn Heaton
Francis Shires
Houses, Garden & Outbuildings 0136 Map
LeedsLeeds334Representatives of Griffith Wright
William ShiresPasture FieldGrass3018 Map
LeedsLeeds335Representatives of Griffith Wright
William ShiresPasture FieldGrass2212 Map
LeedsLeeds336Representatives of Griffith Wright
William ShiresFront of HouseGrass426 Map
LeedsLeeds332Representatives of Griffith Wright
William ShiresField below HouseGrass3223 Map
LeedsLeeds328Representatives of Griffith Wright
William ShiresField below HouseGrass2310 Map
LeedsLeeds333Representatives of Griffith Wright
William ShiresNewton Grange, Buildings & Garden 0112 Map
ArmleyLeeds250John ShiresJohn Shires & othersEight Cottages 0017 Map
ArmleyLeeds248John ShiresHannah Windsor & othersFour Cottages 008 Map
PoolOtley58Michael Nicholson EsquireBenjamin Bottom
Richard Collings
Mrs Curtis & John Gardner
Mrs Greaves
John Horner
John Hardisty
William Myers
John Pullam
John Shires & Hannah Thompson
Cottages & Outhouses 011 Map
PoolOtley61Michael Nicholson EsquireMrs Greaves
William Myers
Elizabeth Mason
John Pullan & John Shires
Garden 020 Map
PoolOtley71John PulleinJohn ShiresGarden 0021 Map
PotternewtonLeeds27Stephen Nicholson EsquireWilliam ShiresMeadow FieldGrass1312 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds31William ShiresWilliam ShiresHouse, Joiner's Shop, Yard & Garden 0024 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds35William ShiresJoseph ForemanCottage 001 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds38William ShiresJohn GoodhallCottage 001 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds146Shires
Ellen Gill
William Tarbotton & William Davison
William Spink
Houses, Shop & Garden 0025 Map
BramleyLeeds800Francis Sharp BridgesJoseph ShiresLandGrass003 Map
BramleyLeeds807Francis Sharp BridgesJoseph ShiresLandArable3214 Map
BramleyLeeds925Francis Sharp BridgesJoseph ShiresLandGrass130 Map
BramleyLeeds926Francis Sharp BridgesJoseph ShiresLandGarden0121 Map
BramleyLeeds915Poor of BramleyJoseph ShiresLandGrass & Arable211 Map
BramleyLeeds921Poor of BramleyJoseph ShiresLong FieldArable4025 Map
BramleyLeeds812Trustees of Bramley SchoolJoseph ShiresCorner CloseGrass026 Map
BramleyLeeds813Trustees of Bramley SchoolJoseph ShiresLandGrass1026 Map
BramleyLeeds42The Earl of CardiganWilliam ShiresPublic House, Yard & Stables 0024 Map
BramleyLeeds43The Earl of CardiganWilliam ShiresCroftGrass0117 Map
BramleyLeeds1062Executors of William FarrarJoseph ShiresHouse & Outbuildings 0024 Map
BramleyLeeds1063Executors of William FarrarJoseph ShiresLane CloseGrass3013 Map
BramleyLeeds1061Executors of William FarrarJoseph ShiresHouse CloseGrass2225 Map
BramleyLeeds1060Executors of William FarrarJoseph ShiresLane CloseArable2214 Map
BramleyLeeds1059Executors of William FarrarJoseph ShiresLane CloseArable3137 Map
BramleyLeeds884Sir Sandford Graham
as Lessee under The Earl of Cardigan
Assignees of Joseph ShiresBeerhouse, Stables & Gardens 0136 Map
BramleyLeeds885Sir Sandford Graham
as Lessee under The Earl of Cardigan
Assignees of Joseph ShiresCroftGrass1312 Map
BramleyLeeds886Sir Sandford Graham
as Lessee under The Earl of Cardigan
Assignees of Joseph ShiresCroftGrass208 Map
BramleyLeeds792Jeremiah ShiresJeremiah ShiresHouse, Stables & Garden 0028 Map
BramleyLeeds792bJeremiah ShiresJeremiah ShiresCroftGrass0218 Map
BramleyLeeds817WainmanJohn ShiresCroftGrass118 Map
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