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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
HawksworthOtley311Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdFore CloseArable2313 Map
HawksworthOtley312Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdPaddockMeadow2233 Map
HawksworthOtley313Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdHouse, Barn, Outbuildings, Garden, Stackgarth & GarthsMeadow209 Map
HawksworthOtley314Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdLower InclosureArable4210 Map
HawksworthOtley315Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdSouth InclosureArable515 Map
HawksworthOtley316Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdMiddle Inclosure & RoadPasture5111 Map
HawksworthOtley317Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdUpper InclosureArable510 Map
HawksworthOtley301Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdPlantationWood1020 Map
HawksworthOtley302Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdHigh StonesPasture1034 Map
HawksworthOtley303Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdGreat ClosePasture122 Map
HawksworthOtley304Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdMiddle CloseArable1324 Map
HawksworthOtley305Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdLittle CloseArable115 Map
HawksworthOtley306Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdFar PastureArable3035 Map
HawksworthOtley307Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdIngPasture4216 Map
HawksworthOtley308Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdThirsty CloseArable135 Map
HawksworthOtley309Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdLong Close BottomArable102 Map
HawksworthOtley310Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAbraham ShepherdGarthMeadow123 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley68John BarrettSamuel Clapham
William Shepherd
James Frankland
William Moon
Abraham Moon & William Waite
Houses & Gardens 0026 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley69John BarrettJames Bailey
James Shepherd
William Sladen & John Barrett
Benjamin Marshall
Houses 0020 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley70John BarrettJames Bailey
James Shepherd
William Sladen & John Barrett
Benjamin Marshall
Garden 0010 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley609John BarrettJames Bailey
James Shepherd
William Sladen & John Barrett
Benjamin Marshall
Tobacco CloseArable0110 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley610John BarrettJames Bailey
James Shepherd
William Sladen & John Barrett
Benjamin Marshall
New DykesArable231 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley643Mrs Frances Susannah FossBenjamin ShepherdStockwellsMeadow1010 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley644Mrs Frances Susannah FossBenjamin ShepherdLane 0025 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley242John InghamHenry ShepherdHouse, Garden etc. 016 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley241John InghamHenry ShepherdGarthPasture0212 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley94Mrs Frances Susannah FossAnn Yeadon
John Barrett & Benjamin Shepherd
George Padgett
Houses & Laith. Laith & Garden 0017 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley99Mrs Frances Susannah FossBenjamin ShepherdHouse 006 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley557Mrs Frances Susannah FossBenjamin ShepherdGreenshaw ClosePasture2110 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley558Mrs Frances Susannah FossBenjamin ShepherdGreenshaw ClosePasture127 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley558aMrs Frances Susannah FossBenjamin ShepherdLane 0020 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley633Mrs Frances Susannah FossBenjamin ShepherdCrook Lands & ClapperArable2022 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley636Mrs Frances Susannah FossBenjamin ShepherdCrook Lands & Clapper BrowMeadow226 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley243John InghamHenry ShepherdDun IngMeadow3133 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley239John InghamHenry ShepherdDun IngMeadow4116 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley245John InghamHenry ShepherdCow CloseArable3012 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley247John InghamHenry ShepherdCow CloseArable1326 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley259John InghamHenry ShepherdCow ClosePasture3116 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley385John InghamHenry ShepherdAllotmentArable3117 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley246John InghamHenry ShepherdDun IngMeadow1210 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley248John InghamHenry ShepherdCow CloseMeadow209 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley31John PopplewellBenjamin Smith
William Chaffer
William Popplewell & John Mouncey
Benjamin Shepherd
Houses 008 Map
RawdonGuiseley22James Bentley
William James
John Shepherd & Widow Spence
William White
John Claughton
James Mawson
John Thompson
Thomas Hartley & Samuel Marshall
W. Lupton
R. Hogg
J. Bramfitt
J. Hudson
T. Slater
W. & T. Booth
J. Stansfield & S. Walker J. & W. Hardaker
J. Routh
E. Clayton
W. Gascoigne
R. & J. Thompson
S. Prince
& E. & R. Smith
W. Bolton
T. Emmot
J. Horrocks
T. Mawson Snr & Jnr
J. & S. Marshall
J. Eastwood & J. Cooper J. Cowgill
W. Speight
J. & W. Greaves
D. Long
S. Naylor
C. Saplon
J. & B. Mawson & E. Mouncey
Houses etc. 0323 Map
RawdonGuiseley35John ShepherdAnn & Shaw & Isaac Bateson
John Shepherd
Houses 0011 Map
RawdonGuiseley142John ShepherdJoshua Holden
Joseph Holmes & James Exley
Hugh Smith
Houses & Gardens 0014 Map
LeedsLeeds141Eliza ShepherdEliza ShepherdHouse, Garden & Premises 0228 Map
LeedsLeeds140Eliza ShepherdRichard GouthwaiteLandGrass1023 Map
LeedsLeeds140aEliza ShepherdThomas Barraclough etc.Warehouses etc. 0020 Map
LeedsLeeds139Eliza ShepherdThomas KayLandGrass3117 Map
PotternewtonLeeds67John BaileyJohn Shepherd & anotherTwo Houses 005 Map
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