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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
BeestonLeeds348Benjamin Rogers EsquireWilliam Dunnill
John Young
Low PastureMeadow now Garden8022 Map
BeestonLeeds349Benjamin Rogers EsquireWilliam Dunnill
John Young
Rape CloseGardens7034 Map
BeestonLeeds73William Rhodes EsquireJoseph Rogers SeniorLong CloseMeadow419 Map
BeestonLeeds85William Rhodes EsquireJoseph Rogers SeniorRoundaboutArable5039 Map
BeestonLeeds272Benjamin Rogers EsquireBenjamin Rogers EsquireCross FlatsArable9318 Map
BeestonLeeds273Benjamin Rogers EsquireBenjamin Rogers EsquireLane 011 Map
BeestonLeeds274Benjamin Rogers EsquireBenjamin Rogers EsquireUpper Cow StandMeadow1134 Map
BeestonLeeds275Benjamin Rogers EsquireBenjamin Rogers EsquireHouse, Homestead, Yard & Garden 108 Map
BeestonLeeds277Benjamin Rogers EsquireBenjamin Rogers EsquireLower Cow StandMeadow2030 Map
BeestonLeeds347Benjamin Rogers EsquireBenjamin Rogers EsquireTop PastureArable5233 Map
BeestonLeeds278Benjamin Rogers EsquireBenjamin Rogers EsquirePond CloseMeadow435 Map
BeestonLeeds1Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersFar Wood CloseArable2326 Map
BeestonLeeds2Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersHorse PastureMeadow1318 Map
BeestonLeeds3Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersLow Green CloseMeadow8217 Map
BeestonLeeds4Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersCalf CloseMeadow1038 Map
BeestonLeeds72Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersLow CroftMeadow1212 Map
BeestonLeeds74Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersUpper CroftMeadow2327 Map
BeestonLeeds5Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersShaw CloseMeadow6026 Map
BeestonLeeds6Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersFour AcresMeadow1027 Map
BeestonLeeds8Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersUpper GreenMeadow6038 Map
BeestonLeeds63Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersFour AcresMeadow2125 Map
BeestonLeeds64Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersFive AcresArable5317 Map
BeestonLeeds65Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersCalf CloseMeadow3038 Map
BeestonLeeds66Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersHorse PastureMeadow4232 Map
BeestonLeeds68Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersHorse PastureArable331 Map
BeestonLeeds69Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersNear BottomsArable4234 Map
BeestonLeeds70Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersGreat CloseArable1012 Map
BeestonLeeds71Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJoseph RogersHouse, Homestead, Yard & Garden 030 Map