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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
PoolOtley15John PulleinJohn PulleinNear Lane EndArable1314 Map
PoolOtley34John PulleinJohn PulleinWhitsikeGrass203 Map
PoolOtley46John PulleinJohn PulleinBarn, Outbuildings & Yard 0023 Map
PoolOtley47John PulleinJohn PulleinStack GarthGrass0112 Map
PoolOtley48John PulleinJohn PulleinLow GarthGrass030 Map
PoolOtley53John PulleinJohn PulleinOrchard 010 Map
PoolOtley54John PulleinJohn PulleinCroftGrass0320 Map
PoolOtley55John PulleinJohn PulleinOuthouses & Yard 0015 Map
PoolOtley56John PulleinJohn PulleinHouse, Yard, Outhouse & Gardens 0030 Map
PoolOtley67John PulleinJohn PulleinStable, Outhouses & Yard 0023 Map
PoolOtley143John PulleinJohn PulleinPart of Hill EndArable1035 Map
PoolOtley192John PulleinJohn PulleinPart of Broom CloseArable808 Map
PoolOtley144John PulleinJohn PulleinPart of Hill End 2321 Map
PoolOtley191John PulleinJohn PulleinPart of Broom Close 0033 Map
PoolOtley207John PulleinJohn PulleinNear Moor 3115 Map
PoolOtley208John PulleinJohn PulleinFar Moor 3229 Map
PoolOtley80John PulleinWilliam SnellFar Sparrow Croft & Garden 1123 Map
PoolOtley81aJohn PulleinWilliam SnellNear Sparrow Croft & Cote 0227 Map
PoolOtley85John PulleinWilliam SnellHouse, Shop & Yard 0010 Map
PoolOtley16John PulleinJoseph DysonFar Lane End ClosePasture235 Map
PoolOtley43John PulleinJoseph DysonHalf of River 0137 Map
PoolOtley44John PulleinJoseph DysonYellansGrass1215 Map
PoolOtley45John PulleinJoseph DysonMill Dam 020 Map
PoolOtley46aJohn PulleinJoseph DysonMill, House, Yard & Garden 015 Map
PoolOtley69John PulleinMrs BensonHouse, Garden & Outhouses 018 Map
PoolOtley68John PulleinWilliam ScottHouse & Garden 004 Map
PoolOtley193John PulleinJohn PulleinRough PastureGrass4310 Map
PoolOtley195John PulleinJohn PulleinRise BridgeGrass408 Map
PoolOtley199John PulleinJohn PulleinAcre FieldArable1120 Map
PoolOtley202John PulleinJohn PulleinHigh ThornArable235 Map
PoolOtley204John PulleinJohn PulleinRough Pasture TopArable433 Map
PoolOtley205John PulleinJohn PulleinWood Bottom FieldArable402 Map
PoolOtley206John PulleinJohn PulleinWood 314 Map
PoolOtley209John PulleinJohn PulleinBent HillArable326 Map
PoolOtley215John PulleinJohn PulleinHalf of River 110 Map
PoolOtley216John PulleinJohn PulleinLong LandsMeadow2128 Map
PoolOtley220John PulleinJohn PulleinChapel GarthGrass6210 Map
PoolOtley223John PulleinJohn PulleinNear ScallansArable6020 Map
PoolOtley224John PulleinJohn PulleinFar ScallansArable6220 Map
PoolOtley66John PulleinThomas Dickinson
Elizabeth Hurst & James Pullan
Cottages & Yards 008 Map
PoolOtley71John PulleinJohn ShiresGarden 0021 Map
PoolOtley81John PulleinThomas Stead
Thomas F. Thompson
Cottages 004 Map
WetherbySpofforth430James Pullein of SpofforthJohn HillCooper's FieldGrass3118 Map
WetherbySpofforth338Ann PulleinAnn PulleinHill Top House & Buildings 0034 Map
WetherbySpofforth337Ann PulleinAnn PulleinHill Top House & Buildings 0034 Map
WetherbySpofforth339Ann PulleinAnn PulleinThe CroftGrass122 Map
WetherbySpofforth207Ann PulleinAnn PulleinHouse & Garden 0126 Map
WetherbySpofforth431James PulleinJohn HillMilner's FieldGrass4031 Map
WetherbySpofforth434James PulleinJohn HillDickson's FieldGrass130 Map
WetherbySpofforth435James PulleinJohn HillBreasley's FieldGrass2122 Map
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