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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
HawksworthOtley266Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellHen ClosePasture0310 Map
HawksworthOtley257Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellMill CloseArable3234 Map
HawksworthOtley258Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellFar IntakeArable434 Map
HawksworthOtley259Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellMill Dam 013 Map
HawksworthOtley260Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellNorth IngMeadow2025 Map
HawksworthOtley261Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellWest CloseArable406 Map
HawksworthOtley262Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellBrowMeadow2211 Map
HawksworthOtley263Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellSam CloseArable506 Map
HawksworthOtley264Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellNorth CloseArable4319 Map
HawksworthOtley265Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellPlantationWood225 Map
HawksworthOtley336Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellHawksworth Mill IntakePasture408 Map
HawksworthOtley337Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellHawksworth Mill IntakePasture2116 Map
HawksworthOtley359Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn Popplewell
The late William Scholefield
Mill Dam & Plantation 5225 Map
HawksworthOtley255Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellHouse, Mill Barn, Outhouses, Garden, Mill Dam, Stackgarth, Garden & GarthPasture2025 Map
HawksworthOtley256Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireAnn PopplewellPastureArable3034 Map
HawksworthOtley2Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonIntakeArable319 Map
HawksworthOtley114Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonRiley Wife IngArable1325 Map
HawksworthOtley137Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonThe IngsPasture7115 Map
HawksworthOtley138Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonNear Ell CarArable224 Map
HawksworthOtley139Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonFar Ell CarArable3315 Map
HawksworthOtley140Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonNear Lin RoydsArable5312 Map
HawksworthOtley141Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonHigh GreensArable222 Map
HawksworthOtley142Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonLow GreensArable325 Map
HawksworthOtley143Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonFore CloseArable11027 Map
HawksworthOtley145Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonMawkinPasture132 Map
HawksworthOtley29Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWilliam PopplewellLong LandsArable7111 Map
HawksworthOtley120Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWilliam PopplewellHigh Keld IngArable517 Map
HawksworthOtley130Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWilliam PopplewellLow Keld IngArable529 Map
HawksworthOtley131Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWilliam PopplewellLane CloseArable3118 Map
HawksworthOtley132Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWilliam PopplewellYale CloseArable7327 Map
HawksworthOtley133Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWilliam PopplewellRye ClosePasture2038 Map
HawksworthOtley134Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWilliam PopplewellBrowsPasture3338 Map
HawksworthOtley144Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWilliam PopplewellHigh NetherstonePasture124 Map
HawksworthOtley146Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWilliam PopplewellHouse, Barn, Outbuildings, Yard, Gardens, Stackgarth, Road & CroftPasture1115 Map
HawksworthOtley147Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWilliam PopplewellLong CroftArable4134 Map
HawksworthOtley1Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonNost IngPasture338 Map
HawksworthOtley148Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonBarley CroftArable611 Map
HawksworthOtley149Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonLittle IngPasture0338 Map
HawksworthOtley150Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonWheat CloseArable3114 Map
HawksworthOtley151Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonHouse, Barn, Outbuildings, Stackgarth, Gardens, Yard & CroftPasture1236 Map
HawksworthOtley152Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonMiddle Lin RoydsArable3138 Map
HawksworthOtley153Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonWoodWood018 Map
HawksworthOtley154Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonFar Lin RoydsArable327 Map
HawksworthOtley155Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWidow Popplewell & SonWoodWood1115 Map
HawksworthOtley28Francis Fawkes Hawksworth EsquireWilliam PopplewellHollin CloseArable3330 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley29John PopplewellJohn PopplewellHouse, Garden & Outbuildings 029 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley30John PopplewellEdmund HustierHouse 002 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley31John PopplewellBenjamin Smith
William Chaffer
William Popplewell & John Mouncey
Benjamin Shepherd
Houses 008 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley708John PadgettNanny Popplewell
Samuel Long & John Padgett
William Padgett
Houses, Gardens & Outbuildings 012 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley109aBenjamin PopplewellJohn Waite SeniorHouse 002 Map
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