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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
WetherbySpofforth309Richard RichardsonDavid PickStone Quarry 021 Map
WetherbySpofforth310Richard RichardsonDavid PickHouse & Garden 015 Map
WetherbySpofforth311Richard RichardsonDavid PickStone Quarry 105 Map
WetherbySpofforth324Richard RichardsonDavid PickSpofforth HillArable2331 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham221George PickGeorge PickGar BreedsGrass1010 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham213William PickHenry FearbyHouse & GardenGarden0027 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham215William PickJohn ClarksonHouse & GardenGarden007 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham214William PickWilliam PickHouse, Mason's Yard, Outbuildings, Garden etc. 0016 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham216William PickWilliam PickGardenGarden008 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham46Thomas RaynerJohn PickHouse 002 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham212George PickRobert FarrerHouse 002 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham217George PickThomas MountainHouse 001 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham218George PickDaniel JonesHouse 001 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham219George PickWilliam PickHouse 001 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham208George PickGeorge PickGar BreedsGrass0332 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham211George PickGeorge PickHouse & GardenGarden0024 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham220George PickGeorge PickStable Yard etc. 0024 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham690James PawsonGeorge PickHouse, Garden & StableGarden006 Map