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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
PotternewtonLeeds223James Brown EsquireWilliam MorrittHouse, Outbuildings, Yards & Garden 109 Map
PotternewtonLeeds224James Brown EsquireWilliam MorrittLittle GarthGrass036 Map
PotternewtonLeeds225James Brown EsquireWilliam MorrittStack Garth CloseGrass300 Map
PotternewtonLeeds222James Brown EsquireWilliam MorrittHouse FieldGrass610 Map
PotternewtonLeeds220James Brown EsquireWilliam MorrittLow PastureGrass630 Map
PotternewtonLeeds221James Brown EsquireWilliam MorrittGleadhow Wood CloseGrass602 Map
PotternewtonLeeds227James Brown EsquireWilliam MorrittGleadhow Wood CloseArable708 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax15Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittHouse, Homestead & GarthPasture3027 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax81Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittPeckfield CloseArable630 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax82Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittWoman RoodsArable8127 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax83Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittNooking CloseArable8337 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax84Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittWaterfallsArable8336 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax85Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittWaterfallsArable11336 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax86Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittWoman RoodsArable7127 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax87Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittWoman RoodsArable5114 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax88Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittUpper Long CloseArable11324 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax106Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittLong CloseArable10332 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax108Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittDalePasture10035 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax116Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittSelby Field InclosureArable10132 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax155Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittGarthPasture2125 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax157Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittWillow Beck Clay Pitt EndArable3313 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax168Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittWhinny Park InclosureArable1010 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax169Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittWhinny Park InclosureArable10032 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax184Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittSaintfoin CloseArable20038 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax185Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittSaintfoin CloseArable18110 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax110Mrs Jane WhelerWilliam MorrittBullam CloseGrass15226 Map