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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
MorleyBatley81Township of MorleyRebecca Todd & anotherCottage, School & Yard 008 Map
MorleyBatley175Township of MorleyGeorge Fawcett & anotherCottages 0015 Map
MorleyBatley809Joseph Robinson (Morley)Joseph Robinson (Morley) & othersCottages etc. 0019 Map
RawdonGuiseley247In Trust for the Wesleyan ConferenceReverend George MorleyThe TriangeMeadow2220 Map
RawdonGuiseley248In Trust for the Wesleyan ConferenceReverend George MorleyChapel FieldMeadow2038 Map
RawdonGuiseley249In Trust for the Wesleyan ConferenceReverend George MorleyThe Beach FieldMeadow6013 Map
RawdonGuiseley250In Trust for the Wesleyan ConferenceReverend George MorleyThe SlipMeadow038 Map
RawdonGuiseley251In Trust for the Wesleyan ConferenceReverend George MorleyThe Cow PasturePasture7132 Map
RawdonGuiseley252In Trust for the Wesleyan ConferenceReverend George MorleyOccupation Road 0131 Map
RawdonGuiseley253In Trust for the Wesleyan ConferenceReverend George MorleyThe FrontMeadow028 Map
RawdonGuiseley254In Trust for the Wesleyan ConferenceReverend George MorleyThe GroveWood3025 Map
RawdonGuiseley255In Trust for the Wesleyan ConferenceReverend George MorleyGardens 1317 Map
RawdonGuiseley256In Trust for the Wesleyan ConferenceReverend George MorleyMansion House 1111 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds404Ellen MorleyJoseph Crowther
William Hodgson
Cottages 002 Map
CollinghamCollingham130Sarah MorleyJohn MargerrisonAllotment in Old FieldArable1032 Map
BramleyLeeds5John Harrison (Sugar Hill)Isaac MorleyOrchard & Garden 0024 Map
BramleyLeeds6John Harrison (Sugar Hill)Isaac Morley & othersPublic House & Two Cottages 0011 Map
GarforthGarforth276Christopher GraveleyAquilla MorleyPublic House, Garden & Premises 0130 Map
GarforthGarforth271Christopher GraveleyAquilla MorleyWest EndsGrass2039 Map
GarforthGarforth300Christopher GraveleyAquilla MorleyCommon AllotmentArable332 Map
GarforthGarforth297Christopher GraveleyAquilla MorleyBrick IntakeArable2313 Map
GarforthGarforth409Christopher GraveleyAquilla MorleyHollings AcreArable1019 Map
GarforthGarforth377The Honourable Henry Cecil LowtherAquilla MorleyLobley & Field GarthGrass5033 Map
GarforthGarforth378The Honourable Henry Cecil LowtherAquilla MorleyLobley & Field GarthGrass4314 Map
GarforthGarforth368William MorleyWilliam MorleyHouse, Garden & Outbuildings 0128 Map
GarforthGarforth411Abraham NaylorWilliam MorleySouth FurlongGrass3110 Map
GarforthGarforth412Abraham NaylorWilliam MorleySouth FurlongGrass5236 Map
GarforthGarforth414Abraham NaylorWilliam MorleySouth FurlongGrass3237 Map
GarforthGarforth415Abraham NaylorWilliam MorleySouth FurlongGrass3339 Map
GarforthGarforth416Abraham NaylorWilliam MorleySouth FurlongGrass2131 Map
GarforthGarforth430George Goodman
George Banks & John Goodman
William Morley
Daniel Cameron
James Ward Warner & Thomas Wade
John FawcettCliffe Side CloseArable12217 Map
Oulton cum WoodlesfordRothwell329John Blayds EsquireEsau Morley & anotherTwo Cottages & Garden 0124 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds352William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyHouse, Barn, Stables, Garden & Yards 029 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds351William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyNear GarthGrass1213 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds353William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyHouse Close & Six Days WorkGrass11030 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds354William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyNear Lancashire CloseGrass410 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds355William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyStack Garth or Rounder WoodArable2112 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds356William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyFar & Near Ladder LeysArable706 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds357William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyKnucklebank HillGrass7112 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds363William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyFriday SykeGrass6330 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds364William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyButlers CloseArable6112 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds365William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyUpper Butlers CloseArable5214 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds350William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyFar GarthArable3028 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds346William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyFar Lancashire CloseGrass5314 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds345William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyFar CloseGrass636 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds344William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyNear Far CloseArable6326 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds343William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyBlack CloseArable5226 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds337William Beckett EsquireRobert MorleyMoor CoiteArable10113 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham349Trustees for PickardRichard MorleyHouse & GardenGarden008 Map