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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
RawdonGuiseley207Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GascoigneFogg CloseArable2020 Map
RawdonGuiseley207aRobert Milligan EsquireJohn GascoignePlantation 0021 Map
RawdonGuiseley219Robert Milligan EsquireBenjamin Hardaker
Widow Smith
Houses & Garden 0117 Map
RawdonGuiseley215Robert Milligan EsquireSamuel Orton
Richard Hardaker & Joseph Wilson
Houses & Gardens 010 Map
RawdonGuiseley208Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireHouse 007 Map
RawdonGuiseley209Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireHouse 004 Map
RawdonGuiseley210Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireBath 007 Map
RawdonGuiseley211Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireAcacia Cot Porch & Part of Mansion 0025 Map
RawdonGuiseley210aRobert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireGarden & Pleasure Grounds 3328 Map
RawdonGuiseley211aRobert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquirePlantations 4315 Map
RawdonGuiseley212Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireShop, Stables, Gig House etc. 0116 Map
RawdonGuiseley262aRobert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquirePlantation 0013 Map
RawdonGuiseley263Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireOccupation Road 0214 Map
RawdonGuiseley264Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquirePlantations 0020 Map
RawdonGuiseley265Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireLow ParkMeadow12315 Map
RawdonGuiseley266Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquirePaddockArable & Meadow918 Map
RawdonGuiseley267Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireThe OaksArable3135 Map
RawdonGuiseley220Robert Milligan EsquireRichard SykesPublic House & Outbuildings 0035 Map
RawdonGuiseley220aRobert Milligan EsquireRichard SykesGarden 0011 Map
RawdonGuiseley221Robert Milligan EsquireRichard SykesPasturePasture0333 Map
RawdonGuiseley222Robert Milligan EsquireRichard SykesTop FieldMeadow0339 Map
RawdonGuiseley223Robert Milligan EsquireRichard SykesWood FieldMeadow0332 Map
RawdonGuiseley274Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GreavesNear Seal RoydsPasture2114 Map
RawdonGuiseley277Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GreavesGarden 0025 Map
RawdonGuiseley278Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GreavesLittle CroftMeadow0137 Map
RawdonGuiseley281Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GreavesMill Stone IngMeadow2332 Map
RawdonGuiseley282Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GreavesLow Allison RoydMeadow1117 Map
RawdonGuiseley275Robert Milligan EsquireWilliam ButlerStack GarthPasture0011 Map
RawdonGuiseley276Robert Milligan EsquireWilliam ButlerStack GarthArable019 Map
RawdonGuiseley279Robert Milligan EsquireWilliam ButlerNear Long IngPasture2120 Map
RawdonGuiseley280Robert Milligan EsquireWilliam ButlerHarry IngMeadow506 Map
RawdonGuiseley283Robert Milligan EsquireWilliam ButlerLow Allison RoydMeadow0313 Map
RawdonGuiseley292Robert Milligan EsquireWilliam ButlerUpper Allison RoydPasture1112 Map
RawdonGuiseley202Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GascoigneHouse, Garden & Outbuildings 0125 Map
RawdonGuiseley203Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GascoigneOver PiecePasture216 Map
RawdonGuiseley204Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GascoigneLow PiecePasture1114 Map
RawdonGuiseley205Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GascoigneLow PiecePasture1222 Map
RawdonGuiseley206Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GascoigneHouse FieldMeadow2031 Map
RawdonGuiseley213Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireHouse 002 Map
RawdonGuiseley214Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireStack Yard 0013 Map
RawdonGuiseley216Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireGarden Stead 0019 Map
RawdonGuiseley219aRobert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireLaith & Stable 005 Map
RawdonGuiseley225aRobert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireHouse 004 Map
RawdonGuiseley257Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireUpper ParkPasture18024 Map
RawdonGuiseley258Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireParkMeadow1328 Map
RawdonGuiseley259Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireParkPasture1310 Map
RawdonGuiseley260Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquirePlantations 115 Map
RawdonGuiseley261Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquirePlantation 0216 Map
RawdonGuiseley262Robert Milligan EsquireRobert Milligan EsquireBath FieldPasture4138 Map
RawdonGuiseley224Robert Milligan EsquireRichard SykesPloughing FieldArable024 Map
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