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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
HorsforthGuiseley888William HemmingwayWilliam Hemmingway
Joseph Midgley & Charles Griffin
Two Houses 0030 Map
HorsforthGuiseley962Ruth MidgleyJeremiah WhittamCroftMeadow0239 Map
HorsforthGuiseley963Ruth MidgleyJeremiah WhittamCroftMeadow010 Map
HorsforthGuiseley961Ruth MidgleyJames Cunningham & Jeremiah Whittam
Nathaniel Partridge
Three Houses & Gardens 0126 Map
LeedsLeeds151bJoseph MidgleyJoseph MidgleyHouse & Land at WoodhouseGrass0131 Map
David William Nell
Joseph MidgleyLand at WoodhouseGrass4314 Map
David William Nell
Joseph MidgleyLand at WoodhouseQuarry1331 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey212George Lane Fox EsquireSamuel Johnson
John Midgley
Quarry CloseArable600 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey173George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleySwan BushesArable5220 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey174George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleySwan BushesArable1226 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey191George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyStack CloseArable725 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey192George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyNear Stack ClosePasture8310 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey193George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyBarn, Stable, Yard etc.Pasture2116 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey194George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyOrchard 0135 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey195George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyUpper Castle HillPasture3228 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey196George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyLower Castle HillPasture717 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey198George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleySaunders GarthArable0124 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey209George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyHunger HillArable3119 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey214George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyThorn HillArable & Meadow10235 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey68George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam Ellis
John Midgley
Garden & Dove Cote 009 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey171George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyMill FieldArable2338 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey172George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleySwan BushesArable4026 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey215George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyHigh Parsonage GarthArable3026 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey216George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyFell Green ClosePasture2326 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey217George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyButt ClosePasture507 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey218George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyNear North CloseArable5025 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey219George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyFar North ClosePasture4236 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey511George Lane Fox EsquireJohn MidgleyMill, Ing & DamArable217 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey339Samuel Abbott MidgleySamuel Abbott MidgleyBlack Moor CloseMeadow5032 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey364Samuel Abbott MidgleySamuel Abbott MidgleyLane End CloseMeadow2238 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey365Samuel Abbott MidgleySamuel Abbott MidgleyGarden 0314 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey414Samuel Abbott MidgleyCharlotte FoxIntakeMeadow3324 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey415Samuel Abbott MidgleyCharlotte FoxLow IntakeMeadow2327 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey416Samuel Abbott MidgleyCharlotte FoxHomestead, Garden etc. 0110 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey320John MidgleyWilliam HagueLing CloseArable1326 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds922Christopher Beckett EsquireElizabeth MidgleyLow CloseGrass6030 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds983Christopher Beckett EsquireWilliam MidgleyIntakeArable5017 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds979Chapel Allerton TownshipHamer Higgins
Thomas Walker & Widow Midgley
Widow Stead
Cottages & Gardens 006 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds919Thomas MidgleyWilliam MidgleyPump CloseGrass317 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds920Thomas MidgleyWilliam MidgleyPump CloseGrass1127 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds980Thomas MidgleyWilliam MidgleySandhole CloseGrass4010 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1009Thomas MidgleyWilliam MidgleyPog HillGrass2010 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1010Thomas MidgleyWilliam MidgleyBroad CloseArable3213 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1011Thomas MidgleyWilliam MidgleyLower IngGrass407 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1013Thomas MidgleyWilliam MidgleyGreat Broom FieldArable & Grass422 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1007Thomas MidgleyWilliam MidgleyOrchard CloseArable4115 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds921Thomas MidgleyThomas MidgleyCottage & Garden 0017 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1012Thomas MidgleyAnn MarshallCottage & Garden 0116 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds972Thomas MidgleyAnn MarshallSand Pit & Shed 0113 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds1014Thomas MidgleyAnn MarshallSand Pit 0217 Map
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