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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
LeedsLeeds560William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireWilliam Milnthorpe Maude EsquireHouse, Garden & Pleasure Grounds at Knostrop 119 Map
LeedsLeeds559William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireWilliam Milnthorpe Maude EsquireCroft & StablesGrass027 Map
LeedsLeeds561William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireWilliam Milnthorpe Maude EsquireLandGrass4020 Map
LeedsLeeds558William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireWilliam Milnthorpe Maude EsquireLandGrass6233 Map
LeedsLeeds550William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireWilliam Milnthorpe Maude EsquireLandGrass221 Map
LeedsLeeds549William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireWilliam Milnthorpe Maude EsquireLandArable & Grass6210 Map
LeedsLeeds544William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireWilliam Milnthorpe Maude EsquireLandArable237 Map
LeedsLeeds543William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireWilliam Milnthorpe Maude EsquireLandArable322 Map
LeedsLeeds540William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireWilliam Milnthorpe Maude EsquireLandGrass138 Map
LeedsLeeds551William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireWilliam Milnthorpe Maude EsquireLandArable4020 Map
LeedsLeeds548William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireTimothy AllisonHouse & Buildings 0018 Map
LeedsLeeds547William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireTimothy AllisonLandGarden2011 Map
LeedsLeeds546William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireTimothy AllisonLandGarden4217 Map
LeedsLeeds545William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireTimothy AllisonLandGarden302 Map
LeedsLeeds563aWilliam Milnthorpe Maude EsquireJohn Chalk BarrettHouse & Garden 0233 Map
LeedsLeeds568William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireJohn AdamsLand at KnostropGarden0123 Map
LeedsLeeds560aWilliam Milnthorpe Maude EsquirePeter Mann & othersHouses, Garden etc 0134 Map
LeedsLeeds545aWilliam Milnthorpe Maude EsquireTimothy AllisonLandGrass1024 Map
LeedsLeeds552William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireJohn MayLandGrass2331 Map
LeedsLeeds567William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireRobert PurchonKnostrop Old Hall, Gardens & Buildings 0320 Map
LeedsLeeds566William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireRobert PurchonPasture CloseGrass5030 Map
LeedsLeeds574William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireRobert PurchonFive Acre CloseGrass5011 Map
LeedsLeeds565William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireRobert PurchonCorn CloseArable3321 Map
LeedsLeeds542William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireRobert PurchonFour Acre CloseArable3317 Map
LeedsLeeds597William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireRobert PurchonAdjoining Thwaite CutGrass2234 Map
LeedsLeeds563William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireJoshua MajorHouse & Nursery at KnostropGarden0312 Map
LeedsLeeds564William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireJoshua MajorNurseryGarden3127 Map
LeedsLeeds562William Milnthorpe Maude EsquireJohn SchofieldHouse & Land at KnostropGarden037 Map
HunsletLeeds248James Maude EsquireThomas Rushforth Grass215 Map
HunsletLeeds288James Maude EsquireThomas Rushforth Grass1015 Map
HunsletLeeds289James Maude EsquireThomas Rushforth Arable3232 Map
HunsletLeeds290James Maude EsquireThomas Rushforth Arable2330 Map
HunsletLeeds292James Maude EsquireThomas Rushforth Arable & Grass1130 Map
HunsletLeeds287Edward Maude EsquireJoseph BowesVitriol Works 0318 Map
HunsletLeeds193James Maude EsquireThomas Rushforth Grass434 Map
HunsletLeeds247James Maude EsquireThomas Rushforth Grass4132 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds708Christopher Beckett EsquireEdward MaudeHigh Luck FieldArable3037 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds709Christopher Beckett EsquireEdward MaudeLow Luck FieldGrass3310 Map
BeestonLeeds379William Wilks Hill EsquireMatthew MaudeLaith CloseMeadow4210 Map
BeestonLeeds381William Wilks Hill EsquireMatthew MaudeThree AcresMeadow3138 Map
BeestonLeeds375William Wilks Hill EsquireMatthew MaudeLands End CloseMeadow3329 Map