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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Great and Little PrestonKippax9Sir John Henry Lowther
Joseph Lupton & othersCottages & Homesteads 0024 Map
RawdonGuiseley132William TurleyIsaac Elmsley
Thomas Lupton & Ann Forrest
Thomas Marshall
Houses & Garden 0017 Map
LeedsLeeds267bDarnton LuptonDarnton Lupton& othersHouse, Garden & Building GroundGrass etc.1136 Map
LeedsLeeds266aDarnton LuptonHenry ThornesHouse Garden etc. 020 Map
LeedsLeeds266bAnn LuptonThomas VanceHouse, Garden etc. in North Street 0210 Map
LeedsLeeds362Arthur LuptonJoseph ParkerNippet House, Homestead & Gardens 0217 Map
LeedsLeeds361Arthur LuptonJoseph ParkerLandGrass3137 Map
LeedsLeeds358Arthur LuptonJoseph ParkerLandGrass2115 Map
LeedsLeeds356Arthur LuptonJoseph ParkerLandGrass2124 Map
LeedsLeeds365Arthur LuptonIsaac CheethamCottage & Land at Quarry HillGrass1338 Map
LeedsLeeds366Arthur LuptonMary FlowettPublic House & LandGardens etc.030 Map
ArmleyLeeds465Church Wardens & Overseers of Armley TownshipSarah LuptonAllotmentGrass0316 Map
ArmleyLeeds513Curate of ArmleyJohn LuptonLong CloseGrass4127 Map
ArmleyLeeds324Mary AtkinsonJoseph Lupton & othersFour Houses, Butcher's Shop & Yard 0029 Map
ArmleyLeeds446John LuptonJohn Lupton & othersPublic House & Five Cottages 0021 Map
ArmleyLeeds103Heirs of John LuptonSamuel BretherickSquare CloseGrass1323 Map
ArmleyLeeds104Heirs of John LuptonSamuel BretherickAire Gate CloseGrass1129 Map
ArmleyLeeds132Thomas LuptonThomas LuptonHouse, Stable, Shops, Garden & Croft 018 Map
ArmleyLeeds178Thomas LuptonThomas RushworthWire Ing ClosesGrass3034 Map
ArmleyLeeds179Thomas LuptonThomas RushworthLong CloseGrass1222 Map
ArmleyLeeds193Thomas LuptonJoseph MilnesPublic House, Cottages, Barn, Shops & Yard 0032 Map
ArmleyLeeds194Assignees of George Henry LuptonGeorge Waring & othersSeven Cottages & Gardens 0020 Map
ArmleyLeeds176William LuptonWilliam ParkerFoot Gate CloseGrass210 Map
ArmleyLeeds177William LuptonWilliam ParkerChapel CloseGrass237 Map
ArmleyLeeds175William LuptonCharles Leach & othersThree Houses, Barn, Shops & Garden 017 Map
ArmleyLeeds56Walter LuptonWalter LuptonHouse, Workshops, Garden & Yard 0036 Map
ArmleyLeeds495Sarah LuptonSarah LuptonHouse, Workshop, Stable, Barn & Yard 0118 Map
ArmleyLeeds496Sarah LuptonSarah LuptonAllotmentGrass124 Map
ArmleyLeeds494Sarah LuptonSarah LuptonAllotmentGrass1319 Map
ArmleyLeeds493Sarah LuptonSarah LuptonAllotmentGrass2016 Map
ArmleyLeeds489Sarah LuptonSarah LuptonAllotmentGrass1218 Map
ArmleyLeeds490Sarah LuptonSarah LuptonAllotmentGrass1034 Map
ArmleyLeeds464Sarah LuptonSarah LuptonAllotmentGrass1237 Map
ArmleyLeeds479Sarah LuptonSarah LuptonAllotmentGrass2316 Map
ArmleyLeeds499Sarah LuptonSarah LuptonAllotmentGrass0114 Map
ArmleyLeeds491Sarah LuptonHenry TattersallAllotmentGrass1335 Map
ArmleyLeeds492Sarah LuptonHenry TattersallHouse, Workshops & Garden 0018 Map
ArmleyLeeds165Sarah LuptonBenjamin ThompsonTwo Houses, Workshops, Coach House & Yard 0014 Map
ArmleyLeeds57Walter LuptonWalter LuptonLey CloseGrass320 Map
ArmleyLeeds60Walter LuptonJohn HewittLey CloseArable1139 Map
ArmleyLeeds407Joseph Lupton
Robert & Grace Lupton
Samuel Bretherick & othersPublic House, Cottages, Gardens & Yard 026 Map
ArmleyLeeds406Joseph Lupton
Robert & Grace Lupton
Samuel Bretherick & othersCottages & Garden 0018 Map
ArmleyLeeds408Joseph Lupton
Robert & Grace Lupton
Samuel Bretherick & othersTwo Cottages 005 Map
ArmleyLeeds220Executors of William LuptonGeorge Myers & othersEleven Cottages & Garden 018 Map
ArmleyLeeds217Luke LuptonJohn Metcalf & othersThree Cottages 003 Map
ArmleyLeeds133Thomas WainwrightJames LuptonHouse & Garden 0015 Map
ArmleyLeeds50Thomas WainwrightJames LuptonGarthGrass107 Map
PotternewtonLeeds205Executors of John Hives EsquireMrs Frances LuptonPart of Eight AcresGrass2316 Map
PotternewtonLeeds206Executors of John Hives EsquireMrs Frances LuptonPart of Eight AcresGrass & Arable5227 Map
PotternewtonLeeds207Executors of John Hives EsquireMrs Frances LuptonFive AcresGrass5032 Map
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