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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
HorsforthGuiseley198Eleanor EmmottNathaniel LambLing CloseArable8121 Map
HorsforthGuiseley199Eleanor EmmottNathaniel LambBeet CloseArable622 Map
HorsforthGuiseley200Eleanor EmmottNathaniel LambLittle Sheep CloseArable209 Map
HorsforthGuiseley194Eleanor EmmottNathaniel LambCoal Pit CloseArable9334 Map
HorsforthGuiseley195Eleanor EmmottNathaniel LambHill ClosePasture5015 Map
HorsforthGuiseley196Eleanor EmmottNathaniel LambHill ClosePasture4218 Map
HorsforthGuiseley197Eleanor EmmottNathaniel LambHill ClosePasture4339 Map
RawdonGuiseley2Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambHouse & Outbuildings 019 Map
RawdonGuiseley3Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambCalf GarthPasture014 Map
RawdonGuiseley471Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambLime ClosePasture3029 Map
RawdonGuiseley485Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambFar Baton BridgePasture235 Map
RawdonGuiseley486Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambMiddle Baton BridgePasture235 Map
RawdonGuiseley487Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambNear Baton BridgePasture2133 Map
RawdonGuiseley487aMrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambOccupation Road 0016 Map
RawdonGuiseley472Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambRough CloseArable503 Map
RawdonGuiseley473Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambGelder's CliffeArable5021 Map
RawdonGuiseley474Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambHawkshaw CroftPasture3225 Map
RawdonGuiseley477Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambClay Pits & Long ClosePasture11036 Map
RawdonGuiseley478Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambClay Pits & Long ClosePasture11036 Map
RawdonGuiseley479Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambFar Clay PitsPasture9110 Map
RawdonGuiseley480Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambSpring ClosePasture5225 Map
RawdonGuiseley481Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambHigh Well CloseArable2332 Map
RawdonGuiseley482Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambLow Well ClosePasture3016 Map
RawdonGuiseley483Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambAsh CloseArable5328 Map
RawdonGuiseley484Mrs Eleanor Oswald EmmottNathan LambRawdon BrowPasture1029 Map
YeadonGuiseley93William LambJoseph MurgatroydCroftMeadow0330 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel439William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambClay CloseGrass2327 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel440William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambAcresArable411 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel464William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambFar Rile CloseArable432 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel465William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambMiddle Rile CloseArable4337 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel466William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambLittle Rile CloseArable3133 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel506William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambMoor IntakeArable7131 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel511William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambHigh CloseGrass8213 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel512William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambLow Common CloseGrass7319 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel513William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambHigh CloseGrass5312 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel658William Thomas Carruthers EsquireMichael LambTen AcresArable325 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel659William Thomas Carruthers EsquireMichael LambTen AcresArable6323 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel660William Thomas Carruthers EsquireMichael LambFar Beggar LaysGrass5338 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel661William Thomas Carruthers EsquireMichael LambNear Beggar LaysArable6017 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel467William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambLong CloseArable128 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel468William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambLay CloseArable4312 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel469William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambSmall CloseGrass3313 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel470William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambBrick Pond CloseArable5122 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel471William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambHomestead, Buildings, Yard & Garden 0124 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel472William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambLeith garthGrass2333 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel497William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambFootpath GarthArable2324 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel498William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambChurch Lane CloseArable316 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel499William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambMiddy CloseArable4010 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel502William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambYates CloseArable3034 Map
Adel cum EccupAdel505William Thomas Carruthers EsquireJoseph LambNew IntakeGrass417 Map
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