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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
HunsletLeeds427John Johnson EsquireStephen Woolley Grass4316 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey212George Lane Fox EsquireSamuel Johnson
John Midgley
Quarry CloseArable600 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey210George Lane Fox EsquireSamuel JohnsonQuarry BottomArable2326 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey211George Lane Fox EsquireSamuel JohnsonQuarry BottomArable0319 Map
Bardsey cum RigtonBardsey213George Lane Fox EsquireSamuel JohnsonGreat CloseMeadow4319 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell159John Blayds EsquireEdward Johnson
Benjamin Lambert
Cottage, House, Old Barn & Garden 0118 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds551Christopher Beckett EsquireRobert JohnsonHouse GarthGrass1014 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds553Christopher Beckett EsquireRobert JohnsonLey FieldGrass239 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds554Christopher Beckett EsquireRobert JohnsonLaith End CloseArable2220 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds555Christopher Beckett EsquireRobert JohnsonLaith End CloseGrass2020 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds550Christopher Beckett EsquireRobert JohnsonHouse & Buildings 0020 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds45William Williams Brown EsquireRichard JohnsonBarn, Stable & Yard 0038 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds49William Williams Brown EsquireRichard JohnsonStripeArable0019 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds52William Williams Brown EsquireRichard JohnsonThe GarthGrass339 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds55William Williams Brown EsquireRichard JohnsonClibisins FieldGrass5111 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds56William Williams Brown EsquireRichard JohnsonPond in Clibisins Field 003 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds712William Williams Brown EsquireRichard JohnsonBottomsGrass230 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds715William Williams Brown EsquireRichard JohnsonTwo AcresGrass2124 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds53William Williams Brown EsquireRichard JohnsonLong LandGrass2213 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds54William Williams Brown EsquireRichard JohnsonLong LandGrass236 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds46William Williams Brown EsquireRichard JohnsonTenement 003 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds477John Nelson Myers EsquireGeorge JohnsonEight AcresGrass7223 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds478John Nelson Myers EsquireGeorge JohnsonShed in Eight Acres 002 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds480John Nelson Myers EsquireGeorge JohnsonMeadow CloseGrass6133 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds479John Nelson Myers EsquireGeorge JohnsonMeadow CloseGrass6022 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds794Stephen Nicholson EsquireRichard JohnsonTen Acres AllotmentArable239 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds795Stephen Nicholson EsquireRichard JohnsonTen Acres AllotmentArable2034 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds796Stephen Nicholson EsquireRichard JohnsonTen Acres AllotmentArable308 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds797Stephen Nicholson EsquireRichard JohnsonTen Acres AllotmentArable2119 Map
ThorpeRothwell76Benjamin Dealtry EsquireDavid JohnsonHouse, Barn, Stable, Yard, Garth, Garden etc. 0219 Map
ThorpeRothwell37Benjamin Dealtry EsquireDavid JohnsonDunnil Field Lane Pasture or Pit ClosePasture228 Map
ThorpeRothwell53Benjamin Dealtry EsquireDavid JohnsonWood CloseArable4311 Map
ThorpeRothwell53aBenjamin Dealtry EsquireDavid JohnsonShrogShrog0321 Map
ThorpeRothwell64Benjamin Dealtry EsquireDavid JohnsonFar Close or Great CarrArable & Meadow1022 Map
ThorpeRothwell65Benjamin Dealtry EsquireDavid JohnsonLow Close or Low CarrMeadow4312 Map
ThorpeRothwell66Benjamin Dealtry EsquireDavid JohnsonNear Carr or Upper CarrArable533 Map
ThorpeRothwell86Benjamin Dealtry EsquireDavid JohnsonStack Close or RoodsMeadow422 Map
LofthouseRothwell30Benjamin Dealtry EsquireRichard JohnsonSpring CloseArable5015 Map
LofthouseRothwell32Benjamin Dealtry EsquireRichard JohnsonHough HillMeadow2223 Map
LofthouseRothwell33Benjamin Dealtry EsquireRichard JohnsonSlack HillArable3314 Map
LofthouseRothwell34Benjamin Dealtry EsquireRichard JohnsonLangley HillArable423 Map
LofthouseRothwell35Benjamin Dealtry EsquireRichard JohnsonSlack HillMeadow3314 Map
LofthouseRothwell37Benjamin Dealtry EsquireRichard JohnsonOx CloseArable703 Map
LofthouseRothwell39Benjamin Dealtry EsquireRichard JohnsonBroom CloseArable6229 Map
Arthington Adel40William Francis Carruthers EsquireJohn JohnsonHouse, Barn, Stable & Yard 0134 Map
Arthington Adel41William Francis Carruthers EsquireJohn JohnsonGarden 0116 Map
Arthington Adel42William Francis Carruthers EsquireJohn JohnsonBlack Earth TopPasture1325 Map
Arthington Adel25William Francis Carruthers EsquireJohn JohnsonHolme CloseMeadow2131 Map
Arthington Adel26William Francis Carruthers EsquireJohn JohnsonStripePasture3118 Map
Arthington Adel27William Francis Carruthers EsquireJohn JohnsonNine AcresPasture9022 Map
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