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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
LeedsLeeds117Trustees of Jenkinson's DoleJosiah WoodHouse, Homestead & LandGrass & Arable0325 Map
LeedsLeeds116Trustees of Jenkinson's DoleJosiah WoodLandGrass210 Map
LeedsLeeds113Trustees of Jenkinson's DoleJosiah WoodLandGrass0332 Map
LeedsLeeds75Trustees of Jenkinson's DoleJosiah WoodLandGrass333 Map
LeedsLeeds199Trustees of St John's ChurchAbraham JenkinsonLandGrass2020 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk275William Simpson Atkinson EsquireWilliam JenkinsonLittle Black HillGrass0318 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk55Frances JenkinsonJames TennantHouse 005 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk58Samuel JenkinsonJohn WilsonHouse & Yard 004 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk55aMartha JenkinsonMartha JenkinsonHouse 002 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk56Martha JenkinsonEleanor Johnson & othersBuildings, Yard & Saddlers Shop 0013 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk325John Wilson EsquireWilliam JenkinsonCiss IngGrass512 Map
YeadonGuiseley106Richard Clayton EsquireJonas JenkinsonHigh Haw CloseMeadow & Arable2021 Map
YeadonGuiseley110Richard Clayton EsquireJonas JenkinsonLow Haw CloseMeadow1236 Map
YeadonGuiseley173Richard Clayton EsquireWilliam JenkinsonClub Houses Garden 1137 Map
BramhamBramham353George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonEight Acres Adjourning WoodArable8337 Map
BramhamBramham354George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonWater Thakin CloseArable7028 Map
BramhamBramham355George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonOak Tree CloseArable3238 Map
BramhamBramham356George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonEight AcresArable813 Map
BramhamBramham368George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonLittle Holme CloseArable2135 Map
BramhamBramham369George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonHouse, Barn, Stable, Cow House, Sheds & Garden 0137 Map
BramhamBramham370George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonGarden CloseArable620 Map
BramhamBramham357George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonTwelve AcresArable12334 Map
BramhamBramham358George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonWell CloseArable5122 Map
BramhamBramham359George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonFar Dalton Lane CloseArable810 Map
BramhamBramham360George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonSix Dalton Lane CloseArable9136 Map
BramhamBramham361George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonFifth Dalton Lane CloseArable812 Map
BramhamBramham363George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonFour Dalton Lane CloseArable10024 Map
BramhamBramham362George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonPlantation 0334 Map
BramhamBramham364George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonThird Dalton CloseArable8019 Map
BramhamBramham365George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonSecond Dalton CloseArable8011 Map
BramhamBramham366George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonFirst Dalton CloseArable12316 Map
BramhamBramham367George Lane Fox EsquireWilliam JenkinsonMoor CloseArable12117 Map
BramhamBramham428James HarperChristopher JenkinsonHouse & Garden 006 Map
BramhamBramham694Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonHeadley FieldArable11325 Map
BramhamBramham695Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonHeadley FieldArable12020 Map
BramhamBramham696Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonHeadley FieldArable4328 Map
BramhamBramham701Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonShayGrass2311 Map
BramhamBramham702Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonStrawberry HillArable10139 Map
BramhamBramham703Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonHumes CloseArable1400 Map
BramhamBramham706Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonHew Tree fieldArable4110 Map
BramhamBramham707Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonOak Tree CloseArable9020 Map
BramhamBramham708Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonGravel Hole CloseArable8225 Map
BramhamBramham709Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonHouse CloseArable5029 Map
BramhamBramham710Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonGarthArable4133 Map
BramhamBramham711Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonHouse, Barn, Stable, Cowhouse, Yard & Gardens 0224 Map
BramhamBramham712Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonMoor CloseArable1114 Map
BramhamBramham713Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonOld Lair CloseArable8014 Map
BramhamBramham714Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonFar Moor CloseArable737 Map
BramhamBramham119William JenkinsonWilliam JenkinsonHouse, Barn, Stable, Shed, Yard & Croft 018 Map
BramhamBramham449William JenkinsonWilliam JenkinsonFoursend CloseGrass1312 Map
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