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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
GuiseleyGuiseley456Joseph PillingJohn HuddlestoneEllis CloseArable4214 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley457Joseph PillingJohn HuddlestoneLong CloseArable317 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley458Joseph PillingJohn HuddlestoneAcrePasture3116 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley459Joseph PillingJohn HuddlestoneHall CroftPasture1322 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley460Joseph PillingJohn HuddlestoneHill CloseArable233 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley464Joseph PillingJohn HuddlestoneIngArable2336 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley465Joseph PillingJohn HuddlestoneLeysArable3127 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley466Joseph PillingJohn HuddlestoneHole ClosePasture1122 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley467Joseph PillingJohn HuddlestoneHolling HillPasture3022 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley468Joseph PillingJohn HuddlestoneKiln CloseArable327 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley469Joseph PillingJohn HuddlestonePart of Mill Dam 020 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley463Joseph PillingJohn HuddlestoneHouse, Garden & Laith 0124 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch169Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneFoalfoot CloseArable8025 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch170Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneQuarry in Foalfoot Close 0210 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch171Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneLow Foalfoot CloseArable1023 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch172Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneLow Whinny FlattMeadow136 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch173Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneHills & Lands adjoining 0037 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch185Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneTen Acre CloseArable10327 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch186Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneFour Acre ClosePasture4014 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch187Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneBarn ClosePasture3038 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch189Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneHorn Bank CloseArable5221 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch190Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneFive Acre CloseArable5311 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch191Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneFour Acre ClosePasture423 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch192Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestonePond ClosePasture6114 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch193Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneMilestone CloseArable5334 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch263Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneWest Field IntakeArable7230 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch264Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneWest Field IntakeArable15224 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch265Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneWest Field IntakeArable13023 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch174Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneBanks 0122 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch175Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneLow Orchard 026 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch176Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneWhinny FlattMeadow402 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch177Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneGarden 032 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch178Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneBack Garden 0310 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch179Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneStackyard 014 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch180Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneHouse, Fold, Yard, Barn, Stable & Yard 0124 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch181Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneFive Acre CloseMeadow535 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch182Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneNine Acre CloseArable9312 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch183Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneSeventeen Acre ClosePasture1709 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch184Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneHolly Bush CloseArable118 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch266Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneWest Field IntakeArable709 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch270Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneWest Field IntakeArable6010 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch271Randall Gossip EsquireMisses HuddlestoneWest Field IntakePasture9032 Map
Thorp ArchThorp Arch168Randall Gossip EsquireMisses Huddlestone & othersFlint Mill Road 1128 Map
BramhamBramham512George Lane Fox EsquireAbraham HuddlestoneMill Close WestArable2237 Map
BramhamBramham513George Lane Fox EsquireAbraham HuddlestoneMill Close EastArable4129 Map
BramhamBramham514George Lane Fox EsquireAbraham HuddlestoneMill Close EastArable4010 Map
BramhamBramham515George Lane Fox EsquireAbraham HuddlestoneMill Close EastArable4127 Map
BramhamBramham516George Lane Fox EsquireAbraham HuddlestoneGarthGrass2133 Map
BramhamBramham517George Lane Fox EsquireAbraham HuddlestoneHouse & Gardens, Stables, Cow House & Yard 1035 Map
BramhamBramham518George Lane Fox EsquireAbraham HuddlestoneGarden 0211 Map
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