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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
LeedsLeeds266Edmund HowarthEdmund HowarthTenter Garth & Warehouses adjoining Wade LaneGrass0329 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell614John Blayds EsquireAbraham HowarthLittle PastureMeadow2033 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell615John Blayds EsquireAbraham HowarthCommonGarden010 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell207Elizabeth HousonAbraham HowarthHouse, Stables, Yards, Vinery, Greenhouse etc. 0029 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell208Elizabeth HousonAbraham HowarthGillett Bridge GardenArable1233 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell259Elizabeth HousonAbraham HowarthHope FieldArable116 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell209Elizabeth HousonAbraham HowarthChurch Field GardenArable1327 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell206Richard GrovesAbraham HowarthCroft GardenArable0134 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell40Abraham HowarthThomas Taylor & anotherTwo Cottages, Garden & Yard 009 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell91Oulton Society Abraham Howarth ResidentLauncelot Wilson & othersSeven GardensArable018 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell144Oulton Society Abraham Howarth ResidentLauncelot Wilson & othersSeven Cottages 0012 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell44Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham HowarthSill CroftArable1112 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell236Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham HowarthPasturePasture4118 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell237Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham Howarth Arable608 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell262Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham HowarthHope FieldArable0326 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell33Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham HowarthBarn, Stables, Mistals, Yard & Road 015 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell34Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham HowarthOrchardPasture012 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell35Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham HowarthGardenArable0035 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell238Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham Howarth Arable620 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell239Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham Howarth Arable4319 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell240Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham Howarth Arable3122 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell241Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham Howarth Arable4031 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell242Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham Howarth Arable3126 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell243Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham Howarth Nur0128 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell244Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham Howarth Meadow2234 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell257Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham Howarth Arable138 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell258Charles George Parker EsquireAbraham Howarth Pasture406 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell111Reverend John Bell
Vicar of Rothwell
Abraham HowarthGarden being Site of Old VicarageArable1117 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell217Reverend John Bell
Vicar of Rothwell
Abraham HowarthChurch GardenArable1132 Map