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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
OtleyOtley237John HolroydWilliam HarrisonMelshaw FieldGrass & Arable4125 Map
OtleyOtley165Abraham Parkinson HolroydWilliam HarrisonAshamsGrass3027 Map
OtleyOtley166Abraham Parkinson HolroydWilliam HarrisonLower AshamsGrass103 Map
AlwoodleyHarewood1Reverend John UrquhartHenry Holroyd  16029 Map
AlwoodleyHarewood2Reverend John UrquhartHenry Holroyd  3022 Map
AlwoodleyHarewood3Reverend John UrquhartHenry Holroyd  13130 Map
MorleyBatley475The Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydHouse, Outbuildings, Yard & Garden 0030 Map
MorleyBatley475aThe Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydBarn, Yard etc. 0020 Map
MorleyBatley459The Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydBurn KnowlsArable & Meadow3010 Map
MorleyBatley469The Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydNether ClosePasture200 Map
MorleyBatley470The Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydLittle ClosePasture120 Map
MorleyBatley471The Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydLong ClosePasture2210 Map
MorleyBatley472The Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydCroftPasture1328 Map
MorleyBatley494The Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydGreat Near CloseMeadow0121 Map
MorleyBatley518The Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydFar Great CloseArable3020 Map
MorleyBatley520The Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydGreat Near CloseArable & Meadow3116 Map
MorleyBatley521The Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydLittle Near CloseArable1220 Map
MorleyBatley522The Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydUpper Little CloseMeadow100 Map
MorleyBatley528The Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydLingy CloseArable5218 Map
MorleyBatley529The Earl of DartmouthWilliam HolroydWheat ClosePasture2121 Map
MorleyBatley670The Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonHouse, Outbuildings, Yard etc. 015 Map
MorleyBatley671The Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonCroftPasture0115 Map
MorleyBatley618The Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonOld PasturePasture5036 Map
MorleyBatley621The Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonFog ClosePasture1221 Map
MorleyBatley622The Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonOld PasturePasture136 Map
MorleyBatley623The Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonCinder HillArable2120 Map
MorleyBatley624The Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonBarker HillMeadow3112 Map
MorleyBatley625The Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonThree Day's WorkArable320 Map
MorleyBatley626The Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonSmockMeadow3320 Map
MorleyBatley666The Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonLaith CloseArable420 Map
MorleyBatley667The Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonFour Day's WorkArable & Meadow4030 Map
MorleyBatley668The Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonTenter CroftArable3020 Map
MorleyBatley669The Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonSmall ClosePasture100 Map
MorleyBatley624aThe Earl of DartmouthLydia Holroyd & SonBarker Hill ShrogShrog0028 Map
LeedsLeeds269Richard BramleyJoshua HolroydHouse, Garden & Buildings 0225 Map
LeedsLeeds65Robert CravenWilliam HolroydHouse, Buildings & LandGrass203 Map
LeedsLeeds64Robert CravenWilliam HolroydLandGrass1335 Map
LeedsLeeds66Robert CravenWilliam HolroydLandGrass337 Map
LeedsLeeds63Robert CravenWilliam HolroydLandGrass1230 Map
LeedsLeeds103Sir Sandford Graham
James HolroydLand at Woodhouse CarrGrass3025 Map
LeedsLeeds127Hannah DuttonJames HolroydLandArable3123 Map
LeedsLeeds128Hannah DuttonJames HolroydLandArable1018 Map
LeedsLeeds131Hannah DuttonJames HolroydLandGrass2330 Map
LeedsLeeds132Hannah DuttonJames HolroydLandGrass1015 Map
LeedsLeeds104Sir Sandford Graham
James HolroydLand at Woodhouse CarrGrass1325 Map
LeedsLeeds105Sir Sandford Graham
James HolroydLand at Woodhouse CarrGrass112 Map
LeedsLeeds106Sir Sandford Graham
James HolroydLand at Woodhouse CarrGrass2136 Map
LeedsLeeds107Sir Sandford Graham
James HolroydLand at Woodhouse CarrGrass2124 Map
LeedsLeeds309Henry HolroydHenry HolroydMill & Premises at Sheepscar 110 Map
LeedsLeeds310Henry HolroydHenry HolroydLandArable & Grass2221 Map
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