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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
GildersomeBatley195Thomas & Matthew Stephenson
Devisees in trust under Will of late Matthew Stephenson
John HirstCroftPasture0128 Map
MorleyBatley965The Earl of DartmouthHenry HirstBroadland BalkMeadow1335 Map
MorleyBatley966The Earl of DartmouthHenry HirstBroadland BalkArable & Meadow2012 Map
MorleyBatley406The Earl of DartmouthHenry HirstLow HalfArable200 Map
MorleyBatley409The Earl of DartmouthHenry HirstTop HalfMeadow1215 Map
MorleyBatley316The Earl of DartmouthJoshua HirstHouse, Outbuildings, Yard etc. 018 Map
MorleyBatley317The Earl of DartmouthJoshua HirstCroftMeadow2224 Map
MorleyBatley979The Earl of DartmouthJoshua HirstNorth HembridgeArable2012 Map
MorleyBatley987The Earl of DartmouthJoshua HirstMiddle HembridgeMeadow2126 Map
MorleyBatley987aThe Earl of DartmouthJoshua HirstSouth HembridgeArable124 Map
MorleyBatley314aThe Earl of DartmouthJoshua HirstCottage etc. 0010 Map
MorleyBatley197The Earl of DartmouthDavid HirstCottages etc. 006 Map
MorleyBatley418The Earl of DartmouthDavid HirstHawk StileMeadow200 Map
MorleyBatley577The Earl of DartmouthDavid HirstOld PasturePasture3235 Map
MorleyBatley195The Earl of DartmouthDavid HirstCroftPasture0112 Map
MorleyBatley281The Earl of DartmouthDavid HirstCroftArable0310 Map
MorleyBatley208Broadheads Trustees
Reverend Jonathan Hepworth & others
David HirstBarn, Mistal, Cottages & Yard 0028 Map
MorleyBatley256Broadheads Trustees
Reverend Jonathan Hepworth & others
David HirstGarthPasture0320 Map
MorleyBatley950Broadheads Trustees
Reverend Jonathan Hepworth & others
David HirstWaste FieldMeadow230 Map
MorleyBatley962Broadheads Trustees
Reverend Jonathan Hepworth & others
David HirstMistress CloseMeadow2225 Map
MorleyBatley968Thomas Cook
John Hague
David HirstFar West FieldArable & Meadow305 Map
MorleyBatley969Thomas Cook
John Hague
David HirstNear West FieldMeadow2035 Map
MorleyBatley10aJonathan HirstJoseph SmithCottage 002 Map
MorleyBatley106Jonathan HirstJoseph Hardcastle & othersCottages 0010 Map
MorleyBatley210Jonathan HirstJonathan HirstHouse, Shop & Part of Yard 0012 Map
MorleyBatley963Jonathan HirstJonathan HirstLow Field Lane Close 2125 Map
MorleyBatley210aDavid HirstDavid HirstHouse, Warehouse, Shops & Part of Yard 0012 Map
MorleyBatley949Mary ScatcherdJonathan HirstUpper CloseMeadow2035 Map
MorleyBatley869Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJonathan HirstSouth FieldPasture3035 Map
MorleyBatley870Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJonathan HirstEast FieldPasture2235 Map
MorleyBatley872Norrison Scatcherd EsquireJonathan HirstWest FieldMeadow2130 Map
MorleyBatley263Joseph WebsterMatthew Hirst & anotherCottages 002 Map
HunsletLeeds230Widow HirstTimothy WoodGarden 2319 Map
HunsletLeeds341Joshua HolroydWilliam HirstHouse & Stack Yard 0039 Map
HunsletLeeds342Joshua HolroydWilliam HirstGarden & Lane 011 Map
HunsletLeeds343Joshua HolroydWilliam Hirst Grass0314 Map
HunsletLeeds345Joshua HolroydWilliam Hirst Grass2114 Map
HunsletLeeds346Joshua HolroydWilliam Hirst Grass2326 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell30Charles George Parker EsquireSamuel HirstGardenArable0019 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell32Charles George Parker EsquireSamuel HirstCottage 002 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk92John HirstJohn HirstHomestead 0038 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk95John HirstJohn HirstGarthGrass022 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk158John HirstJohn HirstPart of Low Hunger HillArable026 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk166John HirstJohn HirstPart of Low Hunger HillArable0215 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk168John HirstJohn HirstPart of Low Hunger HillArable2128 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk193John HirstJohn HirstPart of Swarden HillArable3128 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk195John HirstJohn HirstPart of Swarden HillArable024 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk223John HirstJohn HirstPools CloseGrass3324 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk284John HirstJohn HirstPart of Pools FlattArable120 Map
SeacroftWhitkirk289aJohn HirstJohn HirstPart of Pools FlattArable0315 Map
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