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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
RawdonGuiseley243W. R. C. Stansfield EsquireCommissioners of the Dudley Hill & Harrogate Turn Pike RoadToll Bar 003 Map
HolbeckLeeds9Executors of the late John Hill EsquireExecutors of the late John Hill EsquireFlax Ground, Shops & Yard 030 Map
HolbeckLeeds10Executors of the late John Hill EsquireExecutors of the late John Hill EsquireGardens, Shops & Waste 1315 Map
GarforthGarforth200Richard Oliver Gascoigne EsquireAndrew HillHouse, Garden, Garth & PremisesGrass etc.0314 Map
GarforthGarforth201Richard Oliver Gascoigne EsquireAndrew HillFront Garden 0035 Map
GarforthGarforth202Richard Oliver Gascoigne EsquireAndrew HillOrchard 0022 Map
GarforthGarforth195Richard Oliver Gascoigne EsquireAndrew HillGarthGrass1021 Map
GarforthGarforth164Richard Oliver Gascoigne EsquireAndrew HillCommon AllotmentGrass & Arable300 Map
Lotherton cum AberfordSherburn in Elmet21Richard Oliver Gascoigne Esquire
in fee simple
Henry Wilkinson
William Hill
Widow Hewitt & James Noble
Four Cottages, Carpenter's Shop & Garth 0214 Map
Arthington Adel56aWilliam Francis Carruthers EsquireChristopher HillCottage 003 Map
Arthington Adel178William Francis Carruthers EsquireChristopher HillAllotment Garden 0020 Map
BeestonLeeds294John Atkinson EsquireWilliam Wilks Hill EsquireKiln CloseMeadow5110 Map
BeestonLeeds299John Atkinson EsquireWilliam Wilks Hill EsquireCoach YardMeadow108 Map
BeestonLeeds422William Wilks Hill EsquireJoseph LentyHomestead etc. 0115 Map
BeestonLeeds424William Wilks Hill EsquireJoseph LentyCorry CloseArable506 Map
BeestonLeeds485William Wilks Hill EsquireJoseph LentyCroftMeadow1231 Map
BeestonLeeds379William Wilks Hill EsquireMatthew MaudeLaith CloseMeadow4210 Map
BeestonLeeds381William Wilks Hill EsquireMatthew MaudeThree AcresMeadow3138 Map
BeestonLeeds375William Wilks Hill EsquireMatthew MaudeLands End CloseMeadow3329 Map
BeestonLeeds355William Wilks Hill EsquireJames WoodButcher CloseMeadow4111 Map
BeestonLeeds364William Wilks Hill EsquireJames WoodGreen Lane CloseMeadow2211 Map
BeestonLeeds439William Wilks Hill EsquireJames WoodGreen Lane CloseMeadow205 Map
BeestonLeeds426William Wilks Hill EsquireThomas ThompsonNine AcresMeadow909 Map
BeestonLeeds428William Wilks Hill EsquireThomas ThompsonEight AcresMeadow812 Map
BeestonLeeds156William Wilks Hill EsquireWilliam Wilks Hill EsquireThe HillsMeadow3233 Map
BeestonLeeds158William Wilks Hill EsquireWilliam Wilks Hill EsquireHouse, Outbuildings, Yard & Garden 216 Map
BeestonLeeds168William Wilks Hill EsquireWilliam Wilks Hill EsquirePlantation 0010 Map
BeestonLeeds297William Wilks Hill EsquireWilliam Wilks Hill EsquireMoppitt CloseMeadow323 Map
BeestonLeeds298William Wilks Hill EsquireWilliam Wilks Hill EsquireOat CloseMeadow4315 Map
BeestonLeeds300William Wilks Hill EsquireWilliam Wilks Hill EsquirePlantation 0139 Map
BeestonLeeds335William Wilks Hill EsquireWilliam Wilks Hill EsquireGreat Park CloseMeadow5013 Map
BeestonLeeds336William Wilks Hill EsquireWilliam Wilks Hill EsquireLittle Park CloseMeadow2011 Map
BeestonLeeds341William Wilks Hill EsquireWilliam Wilks Hill EsquireLane CloseMeadow3234 Map
BeestonLeeds358William Wilks Hill EsquireWilliam Wilks Hill EsquireBack of House CloseMeadow4038 Map
BeestonLeeds380William Wilks Hill EsquireWilliam Wilks Hill EsquirePlantation 0134 Map
BeestonLeeds170William Wilks Hill EsquireDaniel WebsterSchool Close & Lane 0211 Map
BeestonLeeds333aWilliam Wilks Hill EsquireJohn SlaterLittle Rodley CloseMeadow1016 Map
BeestonLeeds334William Wilks Hill EsquireJames FirthPark CloseMeadow3131 Map
BeestonLeeds163William Wilks Hill EsquireJames FirthCroftArable1027 Map
BeestonLeeds362William Wilks Hill EsquireJoseph GarnettSowi IngMeadow306 Map
BeestonLeeds382William Wilks Hill EsquireJoseph GarnettOat CloseMeadow309 Map
BeestonLeeds283William Wilks Hill EsquireJohn ElliottMarlin FlatMeadow424 Map
BeestonLeeds296William Wilks Hill EsquireJohn BrownMill CroftMeadow100 Map
BeestonLeeds327aWilliam Wilks Hill EsquireWilliam BelhouseGreat Rodley CloseMeadow220 Map
BeestonLeeds359William Wilks Hill EsquireBenjamin WoodGroves Hall CloseMeadow220 Map
BeestonLeeds432William Wilks Hill EsquireBenjamin BackhouseLong CloseMeadow1339 Map
BeestonLeeds203William Wilks Hill Esquire & others
Lords of the Manor
Joseph HornerMill IngMeadow3236 Map
BeestonLeeds313William Wilks Hill Esquire & others
Lords of the Manor
James HallidayTurnpike CloseMeadow1329 Map
BeestonLeeds378William Wilks Hill EsquireJames InghamSeven AcresMeadow530 Map
BeestonLeeds400William Wilks Hill EsquireJames InghamWhite HollingsArable11329 Map
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