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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
AberfordAberford59Elizabeth Gascoigne
Mary Isabella Gascoigne
Maria HickCottage 0018 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax115Sir John Henry Lowther
Joseph HickSmiths Shop 001 Map
LeedsLeeds436Henry Iveson EsquireJohn HickLand near Ivy LodgeGarden3228 Map
LeedsLeeds437Rosanne TaylorJohn Hick
John Lawson
Land at Ivy LodgeGarden2210 Map
LeedsLeeds438Rosanne TaylorJohn Hick
John Lawson
Houses, Gardens etc. 020 Map
BramhamBramham210Thomas HickThomas HickHouse, Carpenter's Shop & Garden 007 Map
BramhamBramham212Thomas HickSeth HigginsHouse 005 Map
Lotherton cum AberfordSherburn in Elmet27Matthew BloomeWilliam Hick & John Potter
James Wray
Three Cottages 0010 Map
Lotherton cum AberfordSherburn in Elmet11Richard Oliver Gascoigne Esquire
under lease from the Prebend of Fenton being prebendal glebe
John HickHouse & Shop 0010 Map
Lotherton cum AberfordSherburn in Elmet11aRichard Oliver Gascoigne Esquire
under lease from the Prebend of Fenton being prebendal glebe
John HickThe Garth 0120 Map
Lotherton cum AberfordSherburn in Elmet4Thomas WoodJonathan Winterbourne
Peter Wray
William Pearson
John Woodall & Richard Charles
Joseph Cowell
George Greenhough
James Hick & Henry Wood
Nine Cottages 0029 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax140Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickWharf CloseArable4327 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax139Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickWharf CloseArable528 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax137Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickWillow GarthArable0019 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax136Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickHammer AcreGrass221 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax135Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickMoor CloseGrass1217 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax134Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickMoor CloseGrass618 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax171Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickPark Field CloseArable718 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax172Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickPark Field CloseArable713 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax201Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickCoytle BottomArable7013 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax200Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickSpartle Coytle BottomArable2222 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax94Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickIn Ledstone IngGrass1211 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax5Mrs Jane WhelerJames HickHouse, Homestead & GarthGrass5232 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax178Mrs Jane WhelerJames HickEnd Iron FieldArable6026 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax179Mrs Jane WhelerJames HickEnd Iron FieldArable7337 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax180Mrs Jane WhelerJames HickEnd Iron FieldArable6227 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax181Mrs Jane WhelerJames HickEnd Iron FieldArable10326 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax182Mrs Jane WhelerJames HickEnd Iron FieldArable10336 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax183Mrs Jane WhelerJames HickEnd Iron WoolgravesArable6136 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax184Mrs Jane WhelerJames HickLong CloseArable7037 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax185Mrs Jane WhelerJames HickEnd Iron WoolgravesArable8027 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax50Mrs Jane WhelerJames HickGreen Field CloseGrass637 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax67Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickHouse, Homestead, Garth & Water Mill 1212 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax66Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickMill Dam 023 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax74Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickMoor CloseGrass500 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax73Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickMoor CloseGrass1332 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax72Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickMoor CloseGrass4013 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax68Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickRoodsGrass300 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax69Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickRoodsGrass3037 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax14Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickGarthGrass034 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax142Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickSchedulesGrass8228 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax131Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickCowpastureArable17330 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax155Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickScatterdaleArable12213 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax158Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickIn Leatherdale FieldArable0115 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax156Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickIn Leatherdale FieldArable4219 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax154Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickIn Leatherdale FieldArable3229 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax149Mrs Jane WhelerHenry HickIn Newton WellsArable926 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax58Mrs Jane WhelerJames HickHawsteadGrass5237 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax85Mrs Jane WhelerJames HickIn Ledstone IngGrass3024 Map
Clifford cum BostonBramham531Thomas HickRobert LofthouseLong CloseArable3239 Map
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