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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
OtleyOtley6George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldMapplebankGrass11218 Map
OtleyOtley11George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldPlantation 0012 Map
OtleyOtley10George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldSeed HillGrass422 Map
OtleyOtley18George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldWheat FieldArable330 Map
OtleyOtley19George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldPart of Ten AcresArable4110 Map
OtleyOtley17George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldPart of Ten AcresArable6016 Map
OtleyOtley25George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldFar MilkinghillGrass7313 Map
OtleyOtley16George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldNear MilkinghillGrass710 Map
OtleyOtley12George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldSunhillArable3235 Map
OtleyOtley5George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldHouse, Barn & Yard 0113 Map
OtleyOtley4George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldHigh PastureArable930 Map
OtleyOtley3George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldLow PastureArable727 Map
OtleyOtley13George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldHigh StripeGrass1130 Map
OtleyOtley14George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldLow StripeGrass2133 Map
OtleyOtley15George CrowtherWilliam HearfieldMunbury FieldGrass628 Map
OtleyOtley88Thomas CunliffeJohn HearfieldPart of West PastureArable1029 Map
OtleyOtley86Thomas CunliffeJohn HearfieldLow LandsGrass400 Map
OtleyOtley32Gotts ExecutorsJohn HearfieldField behind HouseArable5228 Map
OtleyOtley26Reverend James LandonJohn HearfieldWest BecksGrass8223 Map
OtleyOtley33Gotts ExecutorsJohn HearfieldLong IngGrass804 Map
OtleyOtley28Gotts ExecutorsJohn HearfieldBeagle IngArable4018 Map
OtleyOtley29Gotts ExecutorsJohn HearfieldLady ClosesArable10237 Map
OtleyOtley36Gotts ExecutorsJohn HearfieldThe BrowsGrass9215 Map
OtleyOtley27Gotts ExecutorsJohn HearfieldPreswicksArable1323 Map
OtleyOtley31Gotts ExecutorsJohn HearfieldHouse, Barn, Garden & Homestead 0032 Map
OtleyOtley30Gotts ExecutorsJohn HearfieldStorris FieldGrass5325 Map
OtleyOtley34Hannah SmithJohn HearfieldMilner FieldArable600 Map
OtleyOtley35Hannah SmithJohn HearfieldWood 2121 Map
PoolOtley79Miss StottJoseph HearfieldCroftMeadow3035 Map
PoolOtley82Miss StottJoseph HearfieldGarden 010 Map
PoolOtley83Miss StottJoseph HearfieldGarthGrass0034 Map
PoolOtley84Miss StottJoseph HearfieldHomestead 0034 Map
PoolOtley197Miss StottJoseph HearfieldStone HolesArable5134 Map
PoolOtley198Miss StottJoseph HearfieldCar CloseArable2328 Map
PoolOtley203Miss StottJoseph HearfieldHigh Thorn & RoadArable5038 Map
PoolOtley210Miss StottJoseph HearfieldOld Pature & RoadArable918 Map
PoolOtley221Miss StottJoseph HearfieldScatchard Close & RoadPasture7229 Map
PoolOtley260Michael Nicholson EsquireJoseph HearfieldDog Kennel Close 3333 Map
PoolOtley222Miss StottJoseph HearfieldCross CloseArable4223 Map
PoolOtley253Miss StottJoseph HearfieldSpringsArable4328 Map
PoolOtley254Miss StottJoseph HearfieldPlantation 0128 Map
PoolOtley255Miss StottJoseph HearfieldCaley RiddingsArable4230 Map
PoolOtley256Miss StottJoseph HearfieldHollings Leys & CoteGrass5310 Map
PoolOtley261Miss StottJoseph HearfieldWood 1324 Map
PoolOtley84aMiss StottWilliam Ackerly
Joseph Hearfield
Stable 004 Map