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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell748John Blayds EsquireMessieurs Charlesworth
Edward Headley
Newmarket House & Garden etc., Barn, Stables with Granary & Yards 0215 Map
BramhamBramham91Lady HeadleyAugusta ChalonerHouse, Stables & Cowhouse, Barn, Garden & Yard 1236 Map
BramhamBramham92Lady HeadleyAugusta ChalonerHouse, Stables & Cowhouse, Barn, Garden & Yard 1236 Map
BramhamBramham87Lady HeadleyAugusta ChalonerCroftGrass4023 Map
BramhamBramham89Lady HeadleyAugusta ChalonerCroftGrass300 Map
BramhamBramham177Lady HeadleyMary ChambersHouse 008 Map
BramhamBramham174Lady HeadleyMary ChambersGarden 020 Map
BramhamBramham182Lady HeadleyTrustees & National SchoolSchool House 002 Map
BramhamBramham248Lady HeadleyCecilia LegardHouse, Offices, Stables, Garden & Pleasure Grounds 0338 Map
BramhamBramham251Lady HeadleyCecilia LegardCooper GarthGrass7224 Map
BramhamBramham252Lady HeadleyCecilia LegardWillow GarthPlanted1025 Map
BramhamBramham253Lady HeadleyCecilia LegardFar Cooper GarthGrass8325 Map
BramhamBramham245Lady HeadleyJohn PearsonHouse & Garden 0017 Map
BramhamBramham752Lady HeadleyJonathan GibsonHall FieldArable3917 Map
BramhamBramham753Lady HeadleyJonathan GibsonLittle Cow PastureGrass6232 Map
BramhamBramham754Lady HeadleyJonathan GibsonCow PastureGrass13036 Map
BramhamBramham756Lady HeadleyJonathan GibsonHouse, Barn, Stables, Cowhouse, Sheds & Gardens 037 Map
BramhamBramham757Lady HeadleyJonathan GibsonHouse, Barn, Stables, Cowhouse, Sheds & Gardens 037 Map
BramhamBramham758Lady HeadleyJonathan GibsonBarn, Stable & Yard 0023 Map
BramhamBramham759Lady HeadleyJonathan GibsonKiln GarthGrass500 Map
BramhamBramham760Lady HeadleyJonathan GibsonKiln GarthArable4328 Map
BramhamBramham761Lady HeadleyJonathan GibsonOrchard 010 Map
BramhamBramham762Lady HeadleyJonathan GibsonGarthGrass3133 Map
BramhamBramham763Lady HeadleyJonathan GibsonBack MoorArable2832 Map
BramhamBramham24Lady HeadleyJohn JacksonMoor CloseArable14318 Map
BramhamBramham598Lady HeadleyJohn JacksonWall CloseArable3216 Map
BramhamBramham624Lady HeadleyJohn JacksonCroftGrass13210 Map
BramhamBramham689Lady HeadleyJohn JacksonFirst HumesArable3036 Map
BramhamBramham691Lady HeadleyJohn JacksonGreat HumesArable1020 Map
BramhamBramham693Lady HeadleyJohn JacksonFar HumesArable833 Map
BramhamBramham694Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonHeadley FieldArable11325 Map
BramhamBramham695Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonHeadley FieldArable12020 Map
BramhamBramham696Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonHeadley FieldArable4328 Map
BramhamBramham701Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonShayGrass2311 Map
BramhamBramham702Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonStrawberry HillArable10139 Map
BramhamBramham703Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonHumes CloseArable1400 Map
BramhamBramham706Lady HeadleyEdward JenkinsonHew Tree fieldArable4110 Map
BramhamBramham68Lady HeadleyRobert Denison EsquireTop IngGrass1000 Map
BramhamBramham254Lady HeadleyRobert Denison EsquireLow IngGrass2134 Map
BramhamBramham256Lady HeadleyRobert Denison EsquireLodge House 001 Map
BramhamBramham257Lady HeadleyRobert Denison EsquireLow Gardens 2030 Map
BramhamBramham258Lady HeadleyRobert Denison EsquireGarden 0227 Map
BramhamBramham259Lady HeadleyRobert Denison EsquireGarden 0035 Map
BramhamBramham260Lady HeadleyRobert Denison EsquireIntake GarthGrass500 Map
BramhamBramham261Lady HeadleyRobert Denison EsquireBiggin House, Offices, Stables, Cowhouses, Yards & Pleasure Ground 3336 Map
BramhamBramham262Lady HeadleyRobert Denison EsquireBiggin House, Offices, Stables, Cowhouses, Yards & Pleasure Ground 3336 Map
BramhamBramham263Lady HeadleyRobert Denison EsquirePart of Biggin ParkGrass37110 Map
BramhamBramham264Lady HeadleyRobert Denison EsquirePart of Biggin ParkArable4307 Map
BramhamBramham243Lady HeadleyMary Ann BownasGarthGrass0330 Map
BramhamBramham244Lady HeadleyMary Ann BownasGarden 0029 Map
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