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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley771Daniel PeckoverJohn HargreavesFar Upper Moor Close 430 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley244Clara ThornhillWilliam HargreavesLow CloseMeadow237 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley243Clara ThornhillWilliam HargreavesNear IngMeadow1137 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley961Clara ThornhillWilliam HargreavesNear High RoydMeadow1122 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley945Clara ThornhillWilliam HargreavesMiddle High RoydMeadow1032 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley944Clara ThornhillWilliam HargreavesFar High RoydMeadow0337 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1356Clara ThornhillWilliam HargreavesHouse, Homestead & Croft 0027 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley995Clara ThornhillWilliam HargreavesCroftArable0316 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley950Clara ThornhillWilliam HargreavesJohnson Close & Broom CloseArable3236 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley951Clara ThornhillWilliam HargreavesUpper Broom CloseMeadow1319 Map
PudseyCalverley1040John FarrerWilliam HargreavesCarr FieldMeadow2121 Map
PudseyCalverley1039John FarrerWilliam HargreavesCarr FieldPasture1221 Map
PudseyCalverley1038John FarrerWilliam HargreavesCarr FieldPasture1220 Map
PudseyCalverley1037John FarrerWilliam HargreavesCarr FieldMeadow1135 Map
OtleyOtley51Wickham WickhamCharles HargreavesMill Dam 0114 Map
OtleyOtley50Wickham WickhamCharles HargreavesMill Cottages, Outbuildings & Garden 0317 Map
OtleyOtley45Wickham WickhamCharles HargreavesShrogg (North side of Road) 1022 Map
OtleyOtley46Wickham WickhamCharles HargreavesShrogg (South side of Road) 0339 Map
HorsforthGuiseley1018Francis Sharp Bridges EsquireElizabeth Bell
Benjamin Broadbent
Michael Smith
William Marshall
Thomas Hargreaves
William Sowden & Hannah Law
Seven Houses & Shops 0014 Map
HorsforthGuiseley696John LambertJohn Hargreaves
Mary Hutchinson
George Wood & Andrew Stead
  0021 Map
HorsforthGuiseley680John WhittamGeorge Hargreaves
John Holmes
Two Houses 004 Map
HorsforthGuiseley1203James WatsonThomas Barrell
John Nicholl
William Clark & John Hargreaves
Foure Houses & Stable 0013 Map
RawdonGuiseley34Seth WadeIrvin Hurot
Mary Ann Watson
William Hargreaves
John Walker
James Graham & Henry Wilson
Seth Wade
William Kaye
John Holden & Samuel Pratt
Houses 0027 Map
RawdonGuiseley82Seth WadeJames Hobson
Joseph Hudson
William Jowett
William Waugh
Richard Thompson & Ann Hargreaves
Houses & Stable 0023 Map
LeedsLeeds429John Wilson EsquireSamuel Brown Hargreaves EsquireHouse, Garden & Homestead on York Road 014 Map
LeedsLeeds430John Wilson EsquireSamuel Brown Hargreaves EsquireFirst FieldGrass1237 Map
LeedsLeeds431John Wilson EsquireSamuel Brown Hargreaves EsquireSecond FieldGrass2336 Map
LeedsLeeds432John Wilson EsquireSamuel Brown Hargreaves EsquireFlatt FieldGrass8110 Map
LeedsLeeds433John Wilson EsquireSamuel Brown Hargreaves EsquireLittle FieldGrass4317 Map
LeedsLeeds434John Wilson EsquireSamuel Brown Hargreaves EsquireBlack FieldGrass7232 Map
LeedsLeeds522John Wilson EsquireSamuel Brown Hargreaves EsquireLittle FieldGrass2110 Map
ArmleyLeeds373Samuel RileyHannah Hargreaves & othersFour Houses & Yard 0016 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk142Joseph AsquithJohn HargreavesStable 001 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk410Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireJohn HargreavesCommonArable0339 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk488Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireJohn HargreavesScholroyd CloseMeadow1023 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk557Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireJohn HargreavesInclosureArable031 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk422Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireWilliam HargreavesCottage & Garden 0016 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk150Charles Keeling ScholefieldJohn HargreavesCottage & Garden 003 Map
YeadonGuiseley374John Parkinson & John Williamson
Executors of the late Joseph Marshall
John HargreavesSergent ClosePasture325 Map
YeadonGuiseley375John Parkinson & John Williamson
Executors of the late Joseph Marshall
John HargreavesHenshaw RoydMeadow200 Map
YeadonGuiseley365John Parkinson & John Williamson
Executors of the late Joseph Marshall
John HargreavesFar CroftMeadow220 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds630James HargreavesJoseph Kent
Sarah Shurow
John Marsh & John Read
Cottages, Mistle & Garden 0116 Map
CollinghamCollingham17William Brown EsquireJoseph HargreavesCottage & Garden 001 Map
BramleyLeeds22Mary WoodThomas Hargreaves & othersHouses & Butcher's Shop 0010 Map