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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Temple NewsamWhitkirk278George WigglesworthThomas HandleyTown End CloseMeadow1122 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk109George WigglesworthThomas HandleyCottage 001 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax105Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyNorth Field CloseArable5329 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax99Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyUpper GarthsPasture16017 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax171Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyPark Stile ClosePasture0119 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax103Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyNorth FieldArable706 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax102Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyLamberts CloseArable600 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax176Jane WhelerRichard HandleyNear Forest PlainArable1000 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax1Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyHouse, Homestead etc. 0336 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax165Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyWhinny ParkArable6235 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax164Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyLittle FieldArable520 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax167Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyLittle FieldArable5235 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax170Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyLittle FieldPasture4022 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax166Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyLittle FieldArable6232 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax89Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyNorth Field CloseArable9124 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax90Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyNorth Field CloseArable416 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax91Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyNorth Field CloseArable4019 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax92Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyNorth Field CloseArable15126 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax180Jane WhelerRichard HandleyPart of Near Hill CloseArable300 Map
LedshamLedsham & Kippax253Jane WhelerRichard HandleyBelton IngMeadow2119 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax101Mrs Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyIn Ledsham IngGrass1131 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax217Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyGreat SpartleArable1322 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax218Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyLoppaArable6027 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax219Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyPeckfield CloseArable10130 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax220Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyPeckfield CloseArable9111 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax221Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyPeckfield CloseArable12134 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax222Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyPeckfield CloseArable20127 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax234Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyPeckfield CloseArable10216 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax235Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyPeckfield CloseArable1708 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax244Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleySheepcote CloseGrass35037 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax246Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyNear Forest PlainArable1000 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax247Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyMiddle Forest PlainArable9236 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax59Mrs Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyHawsteadGrass5032 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax60Mrs Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyHawsteadGrass9237 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax103Mrs Jane WhelerWilliam HandleyIn Ledsham IngGrass0327 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax204Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyHouse, Homestead & Orchard 2122 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax203Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyHouse CloseGrass18324 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax205Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyGarthArable4014 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax206Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyWood CloseArable12135 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax208Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyPart of LoppaGrass1322 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax209Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyWood CloseGrass2313 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax210Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyLittle SpartleGrass4213 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax211Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyLittle SpartleGrass118 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax212Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyLing CloseArable1022 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax213Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyLing CloseArable1222 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax214Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyLing CloseArable1203 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax248Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyFar Hill CloseArable200 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax249Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyFar Hill CloseArable500 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax102Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyIn Ledsham IngGrass0326 Map
LedstoneLedsham & Kippax104Mrs Jane WhelerRichard HandleyIn Ledsham IngGrass200 Map
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