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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley481John Haley & CompanyBenjamin RileyHouse, Mistal Garden & Moor ClosePasture1226 Map
PudseyCalverley1021Samuel ScarthJohn HaleyRichardson High Close & AllotmentPasture218 Map
PudseyCalverley1047Samuel ScarthJohn HaleyGreat ClosePasture1335 Map
PudseyCalverley1048Samuel ScarthJohn HaleyGreat CloseMeadow220 Map
PudseyCalverley1049Samuel ScarthJohn HaleyLow CloseMeadow129 Map
PudseyCalverley1050Samuel ScarthJohn HaleyLittle ClosePasture0331 Map
PudseyCalverley1046Samuel ScarthJohn HaleyTop Long ClosePasture2016 Map
BramleyLeeds1287aTrustees of Bramley Charity SchoolEdward HaleyFieldGrass628 Map
BramleyLeeds526The Earl of CardiganJohn HaleyBank FieldGrass1027 Map
BramleyLeeds633The Earl of CardiganJohn HaleyLandGrass2037 Map
BramleyLeeds634The Earl of CardiganJohn HaleyLandGrass2037 Map
BramleyLeeds650The Earl of CardiganJohn HaleyLandGrass3317 Map
BramleyLeeds652The Earl of CardiganJohn HaleyHouse & Fold 0026 Map
BramleyLeeds653The Earl of CardiganJohn HaleyLandArable8210 Map
BramleyLeeds654The Earl of CardiganJohn HaleyLandArable832 Map
BramleyLeeds655The Earl of CardiganJohn HaleyLandArable8312 Map
BramleyLeeds524The Earl of CardiganJohn HaleyFar BrecliffGrass2127 Map
BramleyLeeds525The Earl of CardiganJohn HaleyFar BrecliffGrass1114 Map
BramleyLeeds933The Earl of CardiganJoseph HaleyGarden 0015 Map
BramleyLeeds934The Earl of CardiganJoseph HaleyGreat CloseArable & Grass734 Map
BramleyLeeds66William EyresIsaac HaleyHouse, Shops, Cowhouse & Garden 0016 Map
BramleyLeeds972Messieurs EyresIsaac HaleyNear FieldGrass1228 Map
BramleyLeeds983Joseph Haley (of West Field Mill)Joseph HaleyPlantation 0111 Map
BramleyLeeds1027Joseph Haley (of West Field Mill)Joseph HaleyLane CloseGrass1310 Map
BramleyLeeds114John Haley SeniorJohn Haley SeniorHouse 003 Map
BramleyLeeds142aJohn Haley SeniorJohn Haley SeniorWaterloo Mill, Outbuildings & Waste 3016 Map
BramleyLeeds508John Haley SeniorJohn Haley SeniorCroftArable1010 Map
BramleyLeeds509John Haley SeniorJohn Haley SeniorLow FieldGrass2016 Map
BramleyLeeds510John Haley SeniorJohn Haley SeniorLow FieldGrass223 Map
BramleyLeeds511John Haley SeniorJohn Haley SeniorGarthGrass0030 Map
BramleyLeeds512John Haley SeniorJohn Haley SeniorHouse & Garden 0033 Map
BramleyLeeds513John Haley SeniorJohn Haley SeniorGardens 014 Map
BramleyLeeds514John Haley SeniorJohn Haley SeniorBreakliffeArable4011 Map
BramleyLeeds515John Haley SeniorJohn Haley SeniorDelph HillArable1215 Map
BramleyLeeds392John Haley SeniorJohn Haley JuniorGreat Close & CottageGrass7237 Map
BramleyLeeds393John Haley SeniorJohn Haley JuniorFieldGrass315 Map
BramleyLeeds399John Haley SeniorJohn Haley JuniorHouse & Garden 0120 Map
BramleyLeeds400John Haley SeniorJohn Haley JuniorPlantation 0122 Map
BramleyLeeds401John Haley SeniorJohn Haley JuniorGreat CloseGrass13237 Map
BramleyLeeds115John Haley SeniorHannah Wade & othersThree Houses & Waste 0110 Map
BramleyLeeds140John Haley SeniorJames Laycock & othersSixteen Cottages 0014 Map
BramleyLeeds141John Haley SeniorSamuel Fletcher & othersThree Houses & Shops 005 Map
BramleyLeeds142John Haley SeniorWilliam Green & othersCottages 0014 Map
BramleyLeeds861John Haley SeniorJoseph Hobson & anotherTwo Houses & Shop 007 Map
BramleyLeeds424Messieurs Haley & CompanyWilliam LumleyCroftGrass137 Map
BramleyLeeds1286Edward HaleyEdward Haley & othersHouse, Garden, Blacksmith's Shop, Cottage etc. 0021 Map
BramleyLeeds178Joseph Haley (Gamble Hill)William Raistrick & othersFive Cottages 0010 Map
BramleyLeeds394Joseph Haley (Waterloo)Samuel Nelson & othersFour Cottages 0010 Map
BramleyLeeds328Joseph Haley (Waterloo)John Threapleton & othersFour Cottages 008 Map
BramleyLeeds329Joseph Haley (Waterloo)William TaylorCroftGrass1121 Map
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