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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1102Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodHouse, Homestead & CroftPasture0236 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1110Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodNear Mill FieldPasture1222 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1113Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodFar Mill FieldMeadow2220 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1049Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodCroftPasture107 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1039Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodBuck Trout CloseArable7339 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1014Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodMill Field CloseArable2228 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1015Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodParson CloseArable5217 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1040Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodBateman FieldMeadow5021 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1041Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodBateman FieldArable4138 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1048Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodCroftArable1216 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1050Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodNear Scaffold CroftPasture105 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1051Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodFar Scaffold CroftPasture134 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1052Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodNear Scaffold CroftMeadow4138 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley1047Clara ThornhillThomas GreenwoodGreat Close & Rough CloseArable718 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley719Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodClover ClosePasture2129 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley717Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodSalt pre ClosePasture1239 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley728Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodHorse Pasture & Flatt CloseMeadow419 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley732Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodBrick Kiln CloseMeadow420 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley740Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodJohn Close & Old QuarryMeadow2319 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley741Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodSmall CloseMeadow208 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley731Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodTop & Middle Pasture & Pit HillArable7225 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley742Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodLow PastureMeadow2325 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley752Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodUpper Smithson CloseArable, Meadow & Quarry4010 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley753Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodLower Smithson CloseArable428 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley709Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodHouse, Outbuildings & Yard 0028 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley723Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodUpper & Lower Ing & Coal Pit HillPasture4236 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley743Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodWildernessArable704 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley720Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodGreat Close & Pit HillPasture3234 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley708Clara ThornhillJames Stewart GreenwoodPart of Bradford Moor & ResevoirPasture0130 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley918Clara ThornhillJonas GreenwoodJohnson CloseArable2028 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley919aClara ThornhillJonas GreenwoodJohnson CloseMeadow0318 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley837Clara ThornhillJonas GreenwoodWell CloseMeadow1339 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley844Clara ThornhillJonas GreenwoodHalf of Dyke LanePasture0212 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley836Clara ThornhillJonas GreenwoodTenter CloseArable & Meadow2128 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley835Clara ThornhillJonas GreenwoodFieldMeadow2028 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley838Clara ThornhillJonas GreenwoodDyke ClosePasture2136 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley844aClara ThornhillJohn GreenwoodHalf of Dyke LanePasture0213 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley843Clara ThornhillJohn GreenwoodGreat BudgestoneMeadow2216 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley842Clara ThornhillJohn GreenwoodLittle BudgestonePasture126 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley533Clara ThornhillWilliam GreenwoodFar Mart Ings 322 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley532Clara ThornhillWilliam GreenwoodSlack CloseArable1212 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley530Clara ThornhillWilliam GreenwoodButtsMeadow2134 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley531Clara ThornhillWilliam GreenwoodButtsMeadow207 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley526Clara ThornhillWilliam GreenwoodLong CloseMeadow3037 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley525Clara ThornhillWilliam GreenwoodBushy ClosePasture3119 Map
PudseyCalverley903bEdward GreenwoodEdward GreenwoodAllotment Scite of Buildings 011 Map
PudseyCalverley765aJames HutchinsonDavid Greenwood
John Greenwood
Part of ParkPasture4116 Map
PudseyCalverley766James HutchinsonDavid Greenwood
John Greenwood
Garden & Garth 0236 Map
PudseyCalverley756James SteadDavid Greenwood
John Greenwood
FieldPasture1129 Map
HorsforthGuiseley1217John GreenwoodJoseph Ingham
Joseph Wood
William Dixon & William Shatwell
Houses & Stable 0019 Map
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