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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
PudseyCalverley659John CooperWilliam GreavesCroftPasture2116 Map
PudseyCalverley661John CooperWilliam GreavesFieldPasture0312 Map
PudseyCalverley666John CooperWilliam GreavesFieldPasture030 Map
PudseyCalverley689Reverend William RailtonThomas GreavesCroftArable & Meadow1132 Map
PudseyCalverley690Reverend William RailtonThomas GreavesMiddle CroftPasture1210 Map
PudseyCalverley697Reverend William RailtonThomas GreavesLow ClosePasture201 Map
PudseyCalverley677John RaynerJohn GreavesAllotment 1232 Map
HorsforthGuiseley1206John DixonJohn Fawcett
John Peele
Henry Greaves & John Claughton
Four Houses & Garden 0013 Map
HorsforthGuiseley875aDavid WatsonWilliam Greaves & Thomas Midgeley
Widow Wilson
Three Houses, Gardens & Occupation Road 0121 Map
RawdonGuiseley22James Bentley
William James
John Shepherd & Widow Spence
William White
John Claughton
James Mawson
John Thompson
Thomas Hartley & Samuel Marshall
W. Lupton
R. Hogg
J. Bramfitt
J. Hudson
T. Slater
W. & T. Booth
J. Stansfield & S. Walker J. & W. Hardaker
J. Routh
E. Clayton
W. Gascoigne
R. & J. Thompson
S. Prince
& E. & R. Smith
W. Bolton
T. Emmot
J. Horrocks
T. Mawson Snr & Jnr
J. & S. Marshall
J. Eastwood & J. Cooper J. Cowgill
W. Speight
J. & W. Greaves
D. Long
S. Naylor
C. Saplon
J. & B. Mawson & E. Mouncey
Houses etc. 0323 Map
RawdonGuiseley148Joseph GreavesWilliam Ibbotson
Joseph Shirrow
Houses 0037 Map
RawdonGuiseley274Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GreavesNear Seal RoydsPasture2114 Map
RawdonGuiseley277Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GreavesGarden 0025 Map
RawdonGuiseley278Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GreavesLittle CroftMeadow0137 Map
RawdonGuiseley281Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GreavesMill Stone IngMeadow2332 Map
RawdonGuiseley282Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GreavesLow Allison RoydMeadow1117 Map
RawdonGuiseley294Robert Milligan EsquireWilliam Butler
John Greaves
Houses, Stable & Mistal. House, Garden & Laith. Occupation Road 0029 Map
RawdonGuiseley273Robert Milligan EsquireJohn GreavesFar Seal RoydsPasture2019 Map
RawdonGuiseley21bWilliam WhiteJoshua GreavesMistle Fold 006 Map
RawdonGuiseley430William WhiteJoshua GreavesHack Beck CloseMeadow1132 Map
RawdonGuiseley431William WhiteJoshua GreavesGarden FieldMeadow1338 Map
RawdonGuiseley432William WhiteJoshua GreavesCanada FieldMeadow1236 Map
RawdonGuiseley145John TealElizabeth Greaves & James Dean
James Land
Houses & Gardens 0021 Map
ArmleyLeeds45Richard EllwandJames GreavesDan CloseGrass1228 Map
ArmleyLeeds41Richard EllwandJames Greaves & anotherHouse, Cottage & Yard 0011 Map
ArmleyLeeds592John Wilson EsquireBenjamin Greaves
Mary Rathmell
Two Houses, Garden etc. 0025 Map
PoolOtley12Mary GreavesMary GreavesFar Corkleg & ColeGrass3333 Map
PoolOtley13Mary GreavesMary GreavesNear Corkleg 1310 Map
PoolOtley219Mary GreavesEdward GreavesCottage & Garden 004 Map
PoolOtley58Michael Nicholson EsquireBenjamin Bottom
Richard Collings
Mrs Curtis & John Gardner
Mrs Greaves
John Horner
John Hardisty
William Myers
John Pullam
John Shires & Hannah Thompson
Cottages & Outhouses 011 Map
PoolOtley61Michael Nicholson EsquireMrs Greaves
William Myers
Elizabeth Mason
John Pullan & John Shires
Garden 020 Map
Mrs GreavesHouse, Stable & Garden 0218 Map
BeestonLeeds121aMatthew Bateson & another
Executors of Benjamin Beverley
Martha GreavesLaneMeadow0111 Map
BeestonLeeds122Matthew Bateson & another
Executors of Benjamin Beverley
Martha GreavesGreat ThitchenmanMeadow8121 Map
BeestonLeeds131Matthew Bateson & another
Executors of Benjamin Beverley
Martha GreavesLong TongueMeadow2318 Map
BeestonLeeds132Matthew Bateson & another
Executors of Benjamin Beverley
Martha GreavesLittle ThitchenmanArable & Meadow3036 Map
BeestonLeeds133Matthew Bateson & another
Executors of Benjamin Beverley
Martha GreavesHouse & Homestead 0025 Map
BeestonLeeds164Matthew Bateson & another
Executors of Benjamin Beverley
Martha GreavesWindmill HillMeadow3334 Map
Headingley cum BurleyLeeds933Robert Duffin GreavesSarah WalkerLandGrass1339 Map
WetherbySpofforth35Joseph AsquithJames GreavesHouse & Garden 003 Map
WetherbySpofforth274George Francis BarlowLawrence
Rowland & Greaves
Cottages 0019 Map
WetherbySpofforth274aGeorge Francis BarlowLawrence
Thompson & Dawson
Gardens 026 Map
WetherbySpofforth223John ClaytonGreaves
Mawson & Sands
Cottages 006 Map
WetherbySpofforth165Quintin RhodesBarstow & GreavesCottages 004 Map
LintonSpofforth113Colonel George Wyndham
late The Earl of Egremont
Helden Greaves
Joseph Greaves
Far DunningtonArable5323 Map
LintonSpofforth114Colonel George Wyndham
late The Earl of Egremont
Helden Greaves
Joseph Greaves
First DunningtonArable3226 Map
LintonSpofforth115Colonel George Wyndham
late The Earl of Egremont
Helden Greaves
Joseph Greaves
Little Stang LandsArable500 Map
LintonSpofforth116Colonel George Wyndham
late The Earl of Egremont
Helden Greaves
Joseph Greaves
Great Stang LandsArable6015 Map
LintonSpofforth121Colonel George Wyndham
late The Earl of Egremont
Helden Greaves
Joseph Greaves
Dove Cote GarthArable1320 Map
LintonSpofforth47Colonel George Wyndham
late The Earl of Egremont
Helden Greaves
Joseph Greaves
First Hall BankArable434 Map
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