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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
OtleyOtley300Margaret FosterMargaret FosterGrandfather CloseGrass409 Map
OtleyOtley301Margaret FosterMargaret FosterGrandfather CloseGrass100 Map
OtleyOtley20Robert FosterRobert FosterBolland CloseGrass3329 Map
OtleyOtley24Robert FosterRobert FosterMilking HillGrass5018 Map
OtleyOtley21Robert FosterRobert FosterDelf CloseArable4229 Map
OtleyOtley22Robert FosterRobert FosterSix Days WorkArable6310 Map
OtleyOtley23Robert FosterRobert FosterFar CloseArable4337 Map
OtleyOtley67Robert FosterRobert FosterTwo Stoneherds 0235 Map
OtleyOtley43Robert FosterRobert FosterSmall Close behind WoodGrass1010 Map
OtleyOtley42Robert FosterRobert FosterGill WoodWood2334 Map
OtleyOtley251Elizabeth DriverEdward FosterToad HolesGrass033 Map
OtleyOtley302Margaret FosterMargaret FosterHouse, Buildings & Two Gardens 0131 Map
OtleyOtley305Margaret FosterMargaret FosterFar FieldGrass401 Map
OtleyOtley304Margaret FosterMargaret FosterMiddle FieldGrass4327 Map
OtleyOtley303Margaret FosterMargaret FosterThe PastureGrass4226 Map
OtleyOtley132Marmaduke Foster
Greenwoods Trustees
Marmaduke Foster
Greenwoods Trustees
Piper HolmeGrass0138 Map
OtleyOtley130Marmaduke Foster
Greenwoods Trustees
Marmaduke Foster
Greenwoods Trustees
Piper CloseGrass0314 Map
OtleyOtley131Marmaduke Foster
Greenwoods Trustees
Marmaduke Foster
Greenwoods Trustees
GardenArable025 Map
OtleyOtley1Robert FosterRobert FosterMickling PastureGrass35024 Map
OtleyOtley2Robert FosterRobert FosterEmbankment & Sand Bed 106 Map
OtleyOtley7Robert FosterRobert FosterThe LaundGrass6239 Map
OtleyOtley8Robert FosterRobert FosterHomestead 0014 Map
OtleyOtley9Robert FosterRobert FosterNine Days WorkArable7012 Map
OtleyOtley79Charles WalkerRobert FosterMickling PastureGrass16230 Map
OtleyOtley93Charles WalkerRobert FosterLittle PastureGrass216 Map
OtleyOtley96Charles WalkerRobert FosterPeat LeighsGrass1339 Map
OtleyOtley94Charles WalkerRobert FosterGarden in Peat LeighsArable006 Map
OtleyOtley76Charles WalkerRobert FosterPaddockGrass104 Map
HorsforthGuiseley880Francis Sharp Bridges EsquireJoseph Hutchinson
Moses Brogden
Marmaduke Yeadon & Joseph Whitfield
Richard Silson
John Adwin
Joseph Foster Junior & Benjamin Smith
Eight Houses, Garden & Stable 0131 Map
HorsforthGuiseley879Jonathan ClarkSarah Rishton
Charles Stockhill
James Long & Robert Wilson
Thomas Rawson
William Hollis
William Smith & Joseph Foster Junior
Garden & Mistall, Eight Houses & Stable 0113 Map
HorsforthGuiseley855James MarsdenWilliam Foster
Thomas Johnson
Judith Gibbings
Joseph Potts & David Craven
Six Houses 0018 Map
MorleyBatley86Bethy FosterBethy FosterCottage & Shop 002 Map
HolbeckLeeds141Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireLeonard FosterThe Meadow CloseGrass2135 Map
HolbeckLeeds142Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireLeonard FosterSinclair FieldGrass3333 Map
HolbeckLeeds144Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram EsquireLeonard FosterThe PastureGrass1313 Map
HolbeckLeeds87Leonard FosterLeonard FosterGardens 0130 Map
HolbeckLeeds88Leonard FosterLeonard FosterWest CroftGrass022 Map
HolbeckLeeds89Leonard FosterLeonard FosterTenter CroftArable0113 Map
HunsletLeeds351George Smith JuniorJohn FosterGarden 2035 Map
HunsletLeeds311Richard Wilson
William Wilson
William Foster
John Glover
 Grass1010 Map
HunsletLeeds312Richard Wilson
William Wilson
William Foster
John Glover
 Grass205 Map
HunsletLeeds317Richard Wilson
William Wilson
William Foster
John Glover
 Arable2216 Map
HunsletLeeds318Richard Wilson
William Wilson
William Foster
John Glover
Gardens 2033 Map
HunsletLeeds319Richard Wilson
William Wilson
William Foster
John Glover
Gardens 2311 Map
HunsletLeeds320Richard Wilson
William Wilson
William Foster
John Glover
Gardens 1119 Map
BramhamBramham206Joseph SpinkJames FosterHouse & Garden 003 Map
FarnleyLeeds488John Leathley
Edward & William Armitage
as Lords of the Manor
Josepher FosterCottage 003 Map
FarnleyLeeds455John Leathley
Edward & William Armitage
as Lords of the Manor
Mary Foster & othersCottages 004 Map
FarnleyLeeds533Emma Louisa Farrer
Mary Ann Farrer
Abram Foster & othersCottages & Gardens 0023 Map
GarforthGarforth23Richard Oliver Gascoigne EsquireJohn FosterPart of Engine CloseGrass030 Map
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