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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
HorsforthGuiseley1113Sarah AtkinsonSarah Atkinson
John Rylah
Betty Claughton
William Fawcett & John Shaw
Four Houses & Gardens 0020 Map
HorsforthGuiseley1206John DixonJohn Fawcett
John Peele
Henry Greaves & John Claughton
Four Houses & Garden 0013 Map
HorsforthGuiseley1034Mrs EnglandThomas FawcettHouse 002 Map
HorsforthGuiseley749John MyersCharles Gill
William Best & Jacob Naylor
George Fawcett
Houses 007 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley264Jonathan Fawcett
Mary Murgatroyd
Michael DodsHouse, Garden & Barn 019 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley263Jonathan Fawcett
Mary Murgatroyd
Michael DodsCroftPasture0238 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley256Jonathan Fawcett
Mary Murgatroyd
Michael DodsLane 0112 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley257Jonathan Fawcett
Mary Murgatroyd
Michael DodsThe HillArable1334 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley258Jonathan Fawcett
Mary Murgatroyd
Michael DodsCow CloseMeadow2120 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley265Jonathan Fawcett
Mary Murgatroyd
Michael DodsCow CloseArable4332 Map
GuiseleyGuiseley352Jonathan Fawcett
Mary Murgatroyd
Michael DodsAllotmentPasture4325 Map
MorleyBatley175Township of MorleyGeorge Fawcett & anotherCottages 0015 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax185Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettOrchard 0035 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax186Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettHouse, Homestead & Garth 2025 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax187Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettGarthGrass11213 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax188Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettLittle Ellis CloseGrass5015 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax189Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettLow Ellis CloseGrass836 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax191Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettWood CloseArable6119 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax192Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettUpper CloseArable14311 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax178Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettBurn CloseGrass & Arable2900 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax179Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettOllerforthGrass22037 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax180Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettStack CloseGrass7115 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax181Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettHorse CopyGrass7230 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax182Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettClover CloseArable6318 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax183Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettUpper HollingsArable1820 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax184Sir John Henry Lowther
John FawcettLower HollingsArable722 Map
LeedsLeeds147gThe Incumbent of WoodhouseReverend James FawcettHouse & Garden at St Marks Place 010 Map
ArmleyLeeds107Samuel ArmitageWilliam Fawcett & othersSix Cottages etc. 0013 Map
ArmleyLeeds106Benjamin BinksJohn Fawcett & othersTwelve Cottages etc. 0032 Map
ArmleyLeeds149John FawcettJohn FawcettHouse 002 Map
BramhamBramham608Bramham PoorThomas FawcettGoose Holes CloseArable2331 Map
BramhamBramham609Bramham PoorThomas FawcettMiddle Holes CloseArable1233 Map
BramhamBramham610Bramham PoorThomas FawcettTop Holes CloseArable2316 Map
BramhamBramham723Bramham PoorThomas FawcettSpen CloseArable414 Map
BramhamBramham724Bramham PoorThomas FawcettTop CloseArable4315 Map
BramhamBramham114Thomas FawcettThomas FawcettHouse, Barn, Stable & Garden 0011 Map
BramhamBramham113Thomas FawcettThomas FawcettCroftGrass020 Map
BramhamBramham438Thomas FawcettThomas FawcettFinley GarthGrass0028 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds772William ScottJohn Belwood
John Morton
John Rolinson
Mary Coats
Christopher Wilkinson & John Brook
Joseph Fawcett
Thomas Askwith
John Daniels & James Askey
Cottages, Gardens & Smith's Shop 021 Map
CollinghamCollingham254William FawcettThomas BrogdenHouse, Yard etc. 0039 Map
CollinghamCollingham398William FawcettThomas BrogdenFearn HillsGrass121 Map
CollinghamCollingham399William FawcettThomas BrogdenFearn HillsGrass1230 Map
CollinghamCollingham441William FawcettThomas BrogdenAllotment upon CommonArable0210 Map
CollinghamCollingham442William FawcettThomas BrogdenDalton CloseArable1216 Map
GarforthGarforth496Richard Oliver Gascoigne EsquireJohn FawcettHouse, Garth, Gardens & Outbuildings 318 Map
GarforthGarforth495Richard Oliver Gascoigne EsquireJohn FawcettRoman Ridge CloseArable5027 Map
GarforthGarforth493Richard Oliver Gascoigne EsquireJohn FawcettJennett FlattArable8024 Map
GarforthGarforth494Richard Oliver Gascoigne EsquireJohn FawcettJennett Flatt Plantation 0132 Map
GarforthGarforth492Richard Oliver Gascoigne EsquireJohn FawcettCow Pasture Plantation 038 Map
GarforthGarforth491Richard Oliver Gascoigne EsquireJohn FawcettCow Pasture CloseArable327 Map
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