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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
BramhamBramham419Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonBarn, Stable, Yard & Garden 0131 Map
BramhamBramham418Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonGardens 0026 Map
BramhamBramham407Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonBottom Plantation 0114 Map
BramhamBramham409Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonCroft Plantation 2133 Map
BramhamBramham454Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonCroft Plantation 4125 Map
BramhamBramham429Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonPlantation 0326 Map
BramhamBramham456Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonBeck Plantation 1033 Map
BramhamBramham457Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonBeck Plantation 0114 Map
BramhamBramham458Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonBeck Plantation 0013 Map
BramhamBramham390Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonGallow Hill Quarry 0128 Map
BramhamBramham439Reverend Benjamin EamonsonJames AtkinsonFinley GarthGrass2024 Map
BramhamBramham388Reverend Benjamin EamonsonRobert BurnanMiddle Gallow HillArable3239 Map
BramhamBramham391Reverend Benjamin EamonsonRobert BurnanGallow Hill Quarry CloseArable6325 Map
BramhamBramham406Reverend Benjamin EamonsonJohn Chambers JuniorBottomGrass1215 Map
BramhamBramham408Reverend Benjamin EamonsonJohn Chambers JuniorFar BottomGrass132 Map
BramhamBramham211Reverend Benjamin EamonsonJohn MansteadGarthGrass0330 Map
BramhamBramham467Reverend Benjamin EamonsonJohn MansteadMill FieldArable4021 Map
BramhamBramham433Reverend Benjamin EamonsonWilliam SmithHouse, Barn, Stables, Cow House, Sheds, Gardens & Yard 0028 Map
BramhamBramham431Reverend Benjamin EamonsonWilliam SmithGarthGrass3023 Map
BramhamBramham452Reverend Benjamin EamonsonWilliam SmithGarthGrass101 Map
BramhamBramham451Reverend Benjamin EamonsonWilliam SmithTop GarthGrass3023 Map
BramhamBramham453Reverend Benjamin EamonsonWilliam SmithWindmill HillGrass3022 Map
BramhamBramham384Reverend Benjamin EamonsonMark RhodesBirkhead CloseGrass3014 Map
BramhamBramham468Reverend Benjamin EamonsonMark RhodesMill FieldArable4222 Map
BramhamBramham420Reverend Benjamin EamonsonJames WhitakerHouse & Offices, Stables, Barn, Cowhouse, Sheds & Gardens 0213 Map
BramhamBramham421Reverend Benjamin EamonsonJames WhitakerGarden 0216 Map
BramhamBramham430Reverend Benjamin EamonsonJames WhitakerOrchard 3260 Map
BramhamBramham410Reverend Benjamin EamonsonJames WhitakerCroftGrass1026 Map
BramhamBramham455Reverend Benjamin EamonsonJames WhitakerFar CroftGrass410 Map
BramhamBramham165Reverend Benjamin EamonsonWilliam VarleyHouse, Barn & Shoemakers, Shop & Garden 0025 Map
BramhamBramham176Reverend Benjamin EamonsonGeorge Dale
Paul Mitchell
House, Barn & Shoemakers, Shop, Garden & Croft 0118 Map
BramhamBramham203Reverend Benjamin EamonsonEdward HillHouse & Garden 0024 Map
BramhamBramham208Reverend Benjamin EamonsonStephen Eadon & othersHouses 008 Map
BramhamBramham389Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonGallow Hill CloseArable6318 Map
BramhamBramham399Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonLittle FieldArable2133 Map
BramhamBramham400Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonLittle FieldArable1332 Map
BramhamBramham401Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonLittle FieldGrass0226 Map
BramhamBramham413Reverend Benjamin EamonsonReverend Benjamin EamonsonRobinson GarthGrass1116 Map
BramhamBramham440Reverend Benjamin EamonsonJames AtkinsonTop GarthGrass126 Map
BramhamBramham333Reverend Benjamin EamonsonRobert BurnanWall CloseArable2216 Map
BramhamBramham336Reverend Benjamin EamonsonRobert BurnanBarn Tree Lane CloseArable508 Map
BramhamBramham378Reverend Benjamin EamonsonRobert BurnanThe Star Inn with Stables, Barn, Mistal, Sheds, Yards & Gardens 0030 Map
BramhamBramham379Reverend Benjamin EamonsonRobert BurnanFirst GarthGrass3213 Map
BramhamBramham380Reverend Benjamin EamonsonRobert BurnanGarth (Baggs)Grass0317 Map
BramhamBramham381Reverend Benjamin EamonsonRobert BurnanMiddle GarthGrass5026 Map
BramhamBramham382Reverend Benjamin EamonsonRobert BurnanLingate HillGrass622 Map
BramhamBramham383Reverend Benjamin EamonsonRobert BurnanFar GarthGrass3337 Map
BramhamBramham385Reverend Benjamin EamonsonRobert BurnanBirkshead CloseArable321 Map
BramhamBramham387Reverend Benjamin EamonsonRobert BurnanFirst Gallow HillGrass4227 Map
BramhamBramham461Reverend Benjamin EamonsonWilliam SmithBeck CloseGrass5117 Map
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