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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley507John Gott EsquireJohn DixonTender CloseMeadow2221 Map
Calverley with FarsleyCalverley504John Gott EsquireJohn DixonFar PastureMeadow1229 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds222John Dixon EsquireWilliam F. PaleyHouse, Outbuildings & Garden 1117 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds221John Dixon EsquireWilliam F. PaleyGarthGrass0330 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds224John Dixon EsquireFrederick SimpsonPotatoe CroftArable0032 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds364John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquireBack 'oth AldersArable5227 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds365John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquirePlantation in Back 'oth Alders 0126 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds367John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquireShroggWood008 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds368John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquireOld PastureGrass825 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds370John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquirePlantation 006 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds371John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquirePond 009 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds372John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquirePlantation 0112 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds373John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquireChapel CloseArable & Grass10036 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds375John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquirePond 0035 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds440John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquireWood 306 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds424John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquireCopy FieldArable & Grass9230 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds425John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquirePond in Copy Field 003 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds426John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquireAshel HeadsArable8128 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds366John Dixon EsquireJohn HargraveQuarry 0018 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds411John Dixon EsquireJohn HargraveBeck PastureGrass3020 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds436John Dixon EsquireJonathan RobinsonGledhow CloseGrass2335 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds437John Dixon EsquireJonathan RobinsonGledhow CloseGrass323 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds438John Dixon EsquireSamuel HodgsonGledhow FieldArable4236 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds439John Dixon EsquireSamuel HodgsonGledhow FieldGrass121 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds441John Dixon EsquireMatthew PearsonCow Stand HillGrass1125 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds216John Dixon EsquireDorothy HollingsThree AcresArable304 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds217John Dixon EsquireDorothy HollingsSeven AcresArable7135 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds218John Dixon EsquireDorothy HollingsGarthGrass3315 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds220John Dixon EsquireDorothy HollingsLong CroftGrass4224 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds239John Dixon EsquireDorothy HollingsFirst CloseGrass330 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds240John Dixon EsquireDorothy HollingsSecond CloseArable620 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds244John Dixon EsquireDorothy HollingsJane AustinArable602 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds245John Dixon EsquireDorothy HollingsFirst LidgetArable6130 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds233John Dixon EsquireDorothy HollingsFive AcresArable4313 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds238John Dixon EsquireDorothy HollingsPart of GarthGrass1213 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds232aJohn Dixon EsquireDorothy HollingsPart of Ten AcresArable2110 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds99John Dixon EsquireJohn Harrison WalkerGarthGrass0133 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds101John Dixon EsquireJohn Harrison WalkerLow GarthArable & Grass114 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds410John Dixon EsquireJohn Harrison WalkerPen CloseGrass2327 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds102John Dixon EsquireJohn KettlewellCottage & Shop 004 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds188John Dixon EsquireJohn FarrarHouse, Buildings & Garden 0017 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds103John Dixon EsquireJohn FarrarGarden 0014 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds105John Dixon EsquireEllen PrestonHouse, Yard & Garden 0018 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds376John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquireTanhouse CloseGrass224 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds412John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquireWood 1132 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds413John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquireWheat CloseArable5321 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds414John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquirePart of Great High FieldGrass4336 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds415John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquirePlantation in Part of Great High Field 0012 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds416John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquirePart of Great High FieldGrass13333 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds417John Dixon EsquireJohn Dixon EsquireHanging BankArable & Grass7130 Map
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