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TownshipParishPlotLandowner(s)Occupier(s)Plot NameLand UseAcresRoodsPerches 
HorsforthGuiseley426Mary DickinsonJohn SwalesBottom CloseMeadow1020 Map
HorsforthGuiseley1116John WaterhouseMary Waterhouse
James Harker
Benjamin Thomas & James Dickinson
John Waterhouse
Five Houses 0013 Map
Great and Little PrestonKippax72Sir John Henry Lowther
Thomas Dickinson & othersCottages & Premises 0010 Map
LeedsLeeds303James DickinsonCharlotte BeverleyHouse Buildings & LandGrass3220 Map
ArmleyLeeds516John BowerJohn Dickinson & othersEight Cottages & Yards 012 Map
ArmleyLeeds571Edward Dickinson
Joseph Dickinson
Edward Dickinson & othersFour Houses & Yard 0021 Map
ArmleyLeeds572Edward DickinsonEdward DickinsonAllotmentGrass2032 Map
ArmleyLeeds215Joseph FowlerJoseph Dickinson & othersFive Cottages & Yard 0016 Map
ArmleyLeeds209William Wainman
of Buck House
George DickinsonPastureGrass1118 Map
ArmleyLeeds526William Wainman
of Buck House
Walter DickinsonOrchard CloseGrass1321 Map
ArmleyLeeds527William Wainman
of Buck House
Walter DickinsonPig HillGrass1015 Map
ArmleyLeeds535William Wainman
of Buck House
Walter DickinsonLeadhouse CloseGrass1224 Map
ArmleyLeeds536William Wainman
of Buck House
Walter DickinsonCornered CloseGrass0325 Map
ArmleyLeeds236William Wainman
of Buck House
George DickinsonMiddle CloseGrass2135 Map
ArmleyLeeds538William Wainman
of Buck House
Joseph Stead & Walter Dickinson
John Skirrow
Houses, Mistals, Yard & Garden 031 Map
PoolOtley66John PulleinThomas Dickinson
Elizabeth Hurst & James Pullan
Cottages & Yards 008 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell184John DickinsonJames DobsonGardenArable0030 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell185John DickinsonJames Dobson & othersNine Cottages & Butcher's Shop 0030 Map
Rothwell cum RoydsRothwell204John DickinsonJames DobsonGaol Croft & Rope WalkMeadow0230 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk143Joseph AsquithJohn DickinsonCottage 001 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk171Thomas M. GraveleyJohn DickinsonHouse & Garden 0110 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk143aJoseph AsquithJohn DickinsonGarden 0017 Map
Temple NewsamWhitkirk151Thomas WainwrightAnn DickinsonCottage & Garden 003 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds72Matthew BambyJohn Clarkson
Mark Holdsworth
Benjamin Shann
John Dickinson
James Linfoot & Matthew Ellis
Cottages 007 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds97John HeymalhatchJohn Rinder
William Richardson
Benjamin Dickinson
Thomas Frankland & John Johnson
William Harrison
James Suttle
Elizabeth Woodhall & Elizabeth Wilkinson
Cottages, Garden & Stable 012 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds834William LoydJohn Dickinson
John Verity
Cottages, Buildings & Gardens 0210 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds832William LoydJohn Dickinson
John Verity
CroftGrass1322 Map
Chapel AllertonLeeds833William LoydJohn Dickinson
John Verity
Pond in Croft 0020 Map
BramleyLeeds1318Joseph DickinsonJoseph DickinsonHouse, Buildings & Garden 0036 Map
BramleyLeeds1317Joseph DickinsonJoseph DickinsonCroftGrass0128 Map
BramleyLeeds1316Joseph DickinsonJoseph DickinsonCroftGrass0112 Map
BramleyLeeds1050Joseph DickinsonJoseph DickinsonLane CloseArable2332 Map
BramleyLeeds1315Joseph DickinsonJohn Berry & othersFive Houses & Yards 0025 Map
BramleyLeeds28Joseph DickinsonNathaniel Gaunt & othersTwo Houses & Shops 0010 Map
BramleyLeeds1333Executors of William DickinsonJoseph DickinsonCroftGrass1320 Map
BramleyLeeds1331Executors of William DickinsonThomas AthaCroftGrass038 Map
BramleyLeeds1329Executors of William DickinsonJohn Gaunt & othersCottages & Croft 0238 Map
BramleyLeeds29Joseph DickinsonMary Flesher & othersThree Houses 006 Map
BramleyLeeds30Joseph DickinsonJames DickinsonHouse 008 Map
BramleyLeeds33Joseph DickinsonJames DickinsonCroftGrass0039 Map
BramleyLeeds31Joseph DickinsonHannah Bottom & othersCottages 0022 Map
BramleyLeeds4Executors of William DickinsonWidow DickinsonHouse, Burling House, Scouring House, Stable & Garden 0128 Map
BramleyLeeds3Executors of William DickinsonWidow DickinsonFront PieceGrass028 Map
BramleyLeeds442Executors of William DickinsonWidow DickinsonLandGrass1323 Map
BramleyLeeds442aExecutors of William DickinsonWidow DickinsonGarden 0033 Map
BramleyLeeds1329aExecutors of William DickinsonJoseph DickinsonCroftGrass0114 Map
BramleyLeeds1330Executors of William DickinsonJoseph DickinsonCroftGrass1114 Map
BramleyLeeds1332Executors of William DickinsonJoseph DickinsonCroftGrass2020 Map
BramleyLeeds27Elizabeth MusgraveJames DickinsonGardens 0126 Map
BramleyLeeds382Amelia MyersJoseph Dickinson & othersTwo Houses & Gardens 0018 Map
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